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MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE IN 2017 while helping mankind reach its next level of evolution

Mankind is on the verge of an evolutionary leap in consciousness, to a whole new way of thinking and being that will put us as far above our present concept of “man” as modern man is above our stone age ancestors. Until roughly the present time, the forces of evolution have been external to mankind. Whether we think of these forces as essentially physical/biological, or essentially spiritual, in either case we have not consciously directed the course of our own evolution. This is simply where the journey has brought us.  But no more. From this point forward we will consciously participate in the direction of our own evolution. We will become what we choose to become. ~visionary Gregory Ellison

HELPING children, youth  and students reach their full potential.

Our programs and technologies help students learn and master emotional awareness and self-regulation skills. These critical skills build a solid foundation for greater mental and emotional health, positive social behavior and relationships and academic excellence, all of which are essential for success and well-being in today’s fast-paced, complex world.

Evidence-based and highly effective

Students who participate in our Proprietary  programs and use its technologies show significant improvements in impulse control and self-regulation, academic focus, decision-making and getting along better with teachers, peers and parents.

 Q.1    What  programs do you offer ?

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It is about super speed learning. and  boosting  your child’s learning ability, to unleash your child’s hidden potential - beyond imagination.

It is about Right Brain Activation.

It is an accelerated learning program inspired by Maria Montessori, Glenn Doman, Makoto Shichida, Tony Buzan and many others. It is a gentle but powerful method of activating both hemisphere of the brain.

It is about your child’s path to Genius

A Genius is a person with exceptional Intellectual ability, with dazzling skills,  and natural talent. Your child can now have the capability to function in this realm by activating the mid-brain functionality

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Q.3.What are the benefits of  activating the whole brain ?

After attending the workshop, all children will have different degrees of improvement in the following areas:
1. Memory enhancement
2. Concentration enhancement
3. Confidence boosting
4. Creativity enhancement
5. Emotion management

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.Q.4 What is the content of the Genius Mind – Workshop?

1. How to enter the Genius Mind learning state.
2. Whole Brain Activation to unleash the hidden potential of children.
3. How to use the Blindfold Reading Method to study.
4. Confidence building and concentration enhancement.
5. Speed Reading and Basic Mind-Mapping concept

Q .5  What is the Science Behind the programme :

The  late eminent educator, Dr Makoto Shichida devoted 40 years of his life to explore the capabilities of children and validated his research by creating more than 450 Shichida centres all over Japan and only a few outside. Read More

. Q. 6 : I see so many companies on the internet offering Midbrain activation courses.  What makes you different?

Glad you asked - 1) We try to go beyond the drama and display. Showing off the different "tricks" a child can do after midbrain activation should not be the goal of the program.  There are so many areas in a child's life that can be improved with the activated midbrain. Our focus is on these programs.  2) We research the science behind the program.  Almost all the websites dealing with MBA have copied our content, word for word.  We lead - others follow.

7  I am ready to take action to bring out the Genius in my  child. What  are my options ?

*  We  can conduct  workshops online for interested Parents/ Tutors and Licensees.

* You can order the book "  Right Brain Activation for Busy Moms & Dads." -

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