MIDBRAIN ACTIVATION - We help to bring out the Genius in your child

Midbrain Activation - Your Child's path to Genius

Welcome to Midbrain- Activation – We help to Bring out the Best in your Child

Like millions of parents all over the world, you want to give the best education possible, for your child. Right ?  And you have sent him/her to the best school you could find. Right ?

But, what is “ Best Education ?”

The late eminent educator, Dr Makoto Shichida devoted 40 years of his life to explore the capabilities of children and validated his research by creating more than 450 Shichida centres all over Japan. Only a few are found outside Japan.

“The purpose of education in the future will not be to create people with heads crammed full of knowledge, but to rear children who know how to efficiently use the whole brain.  Rearing children with enormous ability, rich creativity, and the capability to make use of high proportion of their brain should be the goal of child rearing." - Professor Makoto Shichida

How wonderful would it be for our children to be able to speed read, have a photographic memory, perform complex mathematical calculations in their heads, and achieve a host of other amazing abilities, Done correctly, right brain education can help children succeed not only in academics, but in sports, music, social development and life.

Helping a child develop his right brain potential is about raising a child to become the best that he can be. Dr Shichida believed that there are no inferior brains, only brains that have not been developed properly so that they can achieve their full potential.

Right brain education philosophy is that at the heart of every child is an Einstein, a Mozart, an Edison waiting to break free and create the next great invention. It is our responsibility as parents and educators to help them become that driving force that will change the world.

 Q.1    What  is the  Midbrain and why do does it need Activation ?

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Q.2 What is this  workshop   about ?

It is about super speed learning. and  boosting  your child’s learning ability, to unleash your child’s hidden potential - beyond imagination.

It is about Right Brain Activation.

It is an accelerated learning program inspired by Maria Montessori, Glenn Doman, Makoto Shichida, Tony Buzan and many others. It is a gentle but powerful method of activating both hemisphere of the brain.

It is about your child’s path to Genius

A Genius is a person with exceptional Intellectual ability, with dazzling skills,  and natural talent. Your child can now have the capability to function in this realm by activating the mid-brain functionality

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Q.3.What are the benefits of  activating the Midbrain ?

After attending the workshop, all children will have different degrees of improvement in the following areas:
1. Memory enhancement
2. Concentration enhancement
3. Confidence boosting
4. Creativity enhancement
5. Emotion management

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.Q.4 What is the content of the Genius Mind – Midbrain Activation Workshop?

1. How to enter the Genius Mind learning state.
2. Midbrain Activation to unleash the hidden potential of children.
3. How to use the Blindfold Reading Method to study.
4. Confidence building and concentration enhancement.
5. Speed Reading and Basic Mind-Mapping concept

Q .5  What is the Science Behind the programme :

The  late eminent educator, Dr Makoto Shichida devoted 40 years of his life to explore the capabilities of children and validated his research by creating more than 450 Shichida centres all over Japan and only a few outside. Read More

. Q. 6 : I see so many companies on the internet offering Midbrain activation courses.  What makes you different?

Glad you asked - 1) We try to go beyond the drama and display. Showing off the different "tricks" a child can do after midbrain activation should not be the goal of the program.  There are so many areas in a child's life that can be improved with the activated midbrain. Our focus is on these programs.  2) We research the science behind the program.  Almost all the websites dealing with MBA have copied our content, word for word.  We lead - others follow.

7  I am ready to take action to bring out the Genius in my  child. What  are my options ?

 * We have partners in India, Philippines and Korea who conduct regular workshops.-

*  We  can conduct  workshops online for interested Parents/ Tutors and Licensees.

* You can order the book "  Right Brain Activation for Busy Moms & Dads." -

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