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When we first came across Midbrain Activation and blindfold reading, we had an immidiate hunch that this program can be adapted for blind children,

If sighted children can be trained to read blindfolded, then the corollary should also work : i.e. we should be able to train blindfold children to “ read.”

We approached the principal of the Blind School in Colombo, Sri Lanka ( contact details) and presented our case. She readily agreed to let us conduct the workshop with 14 children.

They were a mixed group of boys and girls – below the age of 14 – were NOT born blind but had gone blind after birth.

During the two days of training – we had one of the members of staff of the blind school with us to during all of the activities. I was also assisted by my brother and his wife.


  1. All 14 children were able to “read” both the colour and the number of at least 3 playing cards
  2. Two children were able to do “wave reading” –
  3. We handed two books to each of the children and asked them to describe the cover of the book – they did it very successfully.
  4. Next we did rapid page flipping and asked the child to guess the content of the book
  5. One book was on “Sinhala Literature” ( the language of Sri Lanka )and the other book on “ Hygiene:
  6. The staff member was a witness to these results
  7. We called in the principal of the school and had some children present the basic evidence.
  8. For privacy reasons, the principal did not want us to take photographs of the children


These results prove that with more training and more energy exercises, it is possible to achieve higher levels of “ activation” as listed above. This is where we need your help.

With the help of the “Bronnikov Method” we are confident that we can improve our success rate as well as the number and level of capabilities.

We will certainly be a step closer to the dream: A World Without Blindness.

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