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Quantum speed reading -

Have you ever been in a situation when you are astonished by your children's pure hearts and their almost magical power? It is from this power that Quantum Speed reading evolves. There are now children who can understand what a book is all about by just quickly flipping the pages.

In just flipping the pages of a book images and words emerge. The contents of the book unfold like watching a movie. When flipping pages of a train schedule children have seen images of trains.

In flipping the pages of textbooks, even without reading them you can memorize the content. There is one student who did this, flipping through the pages of Stephen Hawking's book, "The Universe in a nutshell". He saw many kinds of black holes, and he stated this in fluent English! From books sounds and even smells emerge.

Using the right brain you can grasp the general content of a book through light waves and vibration. It is almost like a magical power. With training even adults can do this. If you master this skill in your daily your profession will bloom and your education will progress. Your whole life will be enriched.