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Midbrain-Activation Tips, Issue #002 -- teaser here
November 16, 2013
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Quote of the Week

“Genius without education is like silver in the mine.” Benjamin Franklin

=========================================================== Editorial =========================================================== Welcome to our weekly newsletter. Starting from this week, we have expanded our newsletter with several features that we hope will be of use to you.


=========================================================== Feature Article =========================================================== DEVELOPING A PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY

In his book “Developing Your Sixth Sense”, Stuart Wilde provides the following exercise from his years of training professional Blackjack players.

“Take a pack of cards, and turn over three as fast as you can flip your hand.

Let the cards make a mental picture in your mind.


Then turn over three more

And then three more

Run through 3 sets of 3 so you have 9 cards in all

Now go back to your memory of the mental picture you had of the first set of three.

What were the cards?

And the second set of three?

And what was in the third set of three?

Don’t bother to remember the actual cards – just close your eyes and ask your mind to give you the three mental pictures.”

”Remember, there’s a subtle difference between reality as it is in the real world and the pictures of reality that reality that reflected light creates in your mind. “

What Stuart points out is the same idea expressed by Ms Tobitani in her book. The purpose of After Image exercises is to hold the pictures created by reflected light in your mind.

Stuart also confirms that “Eventually, you will be able to remember cards you saw a month ago.”

Further on Stuart adds:

“ This card exercise might seem innocuous, but it’s quite exciting, for it is the beginning of training yourself to develop a photographic memory. Part of the sixth sense comes to you in the form of visions and symbols, and developing the ability to remember pictures at speed is a handy tool.”

Back to the cards exercise. If at first you find three cards too hard to remember, try turning over sets of just two cards, or even one card at a time. Once you have this part down pat, try more cards, expand your perception, and try flipping over sets of our or even six cards.

Wait a few seconds, and see if you can accurately describe all six cards you saw and the positions you saw them in – say, from left to right. Don’t be daunted; you are only remembering the image, the impression the light makes in your mind’s eye. Eventually, you’ll get so fast in your ability to notice that you’ll be able to pick up cards or details of a room in a split second, hardly moving your eyes.

Noticing is fun; it gives you as sense of achievement, and it instantly shows you thing you never saw before.” (Pgs 39-40)


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=========================================================== Tips & Tricks on Midbrain Activation ===========================================================

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