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Midbrain-Activation Tips, Issue #010
December 28, 2013
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Quote of the Week

The man of genius inspires us with a boundless confidence in our own powers. Ralph Waldo Emerson




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FEATURE ARTICLE; YOUR CHILD IS GIFTED AND TALENTED ===========================================================

Our last issue was devoted to the education of gifted children. Today, we take a look at real life examples of children who have had the opportunity to bring out their inner potential

Kids Who Start Ahead, Stay Ahead

Kids Who Start Ahead, Stay Ahead - The Gentle Revolution Press
In his book, Kids Who Start Ahead, Stay Ahead, Dr. Neil Harvey examines the unique experiences of more than three hundred preschool home-learners who went on to enter mainstream educational institutions. Did preschool home-learning really have any effect on the children’s classroom performance, social life, or behavior? What Dr. Harvey found opens the door to the Gentle Revolution in successful education.

For over fifty years, The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential have been teaching parents to teach their babies to read, do math, acquire encyclopedic knowledge, and be physically superb. Over ten million American parents have successfully used The Institutes teaching methods with their children. Its use has spread to more than twenty-five countries, including Japan, England, Australia, France, Italy, and Brazil. But the burning question has been “What happens to these children when they get to school?” After many of these young children grew up or entered school, Dr. Harvey asked parents of these early learners how the children fared academically, physically, and socially.

Dr. Harvey's remarkable book may provide the spark to ignite a revolution in educational thinking. It lights the way to a more effective method of educating our children. With our own educational system ranking near the bottom among industrialized nations, it is time we understand that children who start ahead, stay ahead.
The Sidney Ledson Institute for Intellectual Advancement Another institution that we came across is The Sidney Ledson Institute for Intellectual Advancement

Their mission is boldly stated:

We are dedicated to raising children's intelligence. In thirty months we will raise the intelligence of any normal child up to the level of genius (IQ 140)* and every child will learn to read, to solve intricate puzzles and, most important, learn to think - all achieved in a warm, easy, loving manner.

Somewhat like Glenn Doman’s Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, the Sidney Ledson Institute for intellectual advancement shares a similar philosophy. What caught my attention was his book “Give Your Child Genius IQ: A Program for Busy Parents” which features “Saving Your Schoolchild”.

Unfortunately, it appears to be out of stock everywhere. The only information I could get about their program is what they have available on their website. The Sidney Ledson curriculum is designed to create neural enrichment that produces physical and chemical changes in the brain cells. The program focusses on: 1. Developing early literacy 2. Vocabulary growth 3. Memory 4. Determination 5. Humour 6. Mathematics 7. Grammar 8. Drawing 9. Psychology 10. Algebra Although I don’t have the book to see how the Sidney Ledson curriculum is implemented, it isn’t too hard to figure out some lesson plans of our own. A lot of right brain home practice activities can double up as memory activities, such as linking memory, mandala, and space memory. Many brain training programs also contain a memory development element. Then, of course, we have Memory Magic.

For developing determination, they recommend doing puzzles like Sudoku, spot the difference, and mazes. They also recommend exercising the brain with lots of simple mathematical problems (which has also been recommended by Kawashima as a means of training the brain). Other activities that are recommended are piano lessons, and thought-provoking games like checkers and chess.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information for how they teach the other subjects, like psychology, humour, vocabulary, grammar, Math and algebra, so we’ll have to investigate and develop our own plans for those. A good place to start are the resources from “Schoolproofing Your Child“, which I stumbled upon while I was trying to find out more information on the Sidney Ledson curriculum. If you have other ideas, please share them in the comments – thank you!

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