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Midbrain-Activation Tips, Issue #011
January 04, 2014
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Quote of the Week

The man of genius inspires us with a boundless confidence in our own powers. Ralph Waldo Emerson




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FEATURE ARTICLE; Heightened Sensory Perception (HSP) – A Resonance Function ===========================================================

The resonance faculty is the most fundamental faculty of the right brain. Everything in the universe boils down to small invisible particles according to the quantum theory. It is the small invisible particle that emits the vibration or waves.

The right brain resonates with vibration or waves emanating from every object. Your child’s brain, with its resonance function, holds far more excellent abilities than a precision machine.

The right brain has 2 most important functions:

1. Resonance 2. Image Visualization

Using the resonance function, an unborn child can receive any information from outside the womb, and change the vibrations into images

The Importance of HSP Training Through Intuitive Games

7 Right Brain Senses or HSP Games (HSP-Higher Sensory Perception)

1. Telepathy 2. Clairvoyance 3. Hand Reading 4. Precogition 5. Hearing 6. Taste 7. Smell

Below are examples of 4 types of HSP activities you can play with your child.


Telepathy is the ability to transfer thoughts. In the following games, your child will try to make a successful guess of what is visualized in your mind.

a) Animal Cards

i) 2 sets of 5 cards, each containing pictures of animals like giraffe, panda, elephant, bear or deer should be provided, 1 set for you and 1 set for your child.

ii) 5 cards should be lined up face up in front of your child and the other set of 5 cards lined up face down in front of you.

iii) Take one of the cards in your hand, stare at it intensely until you see the image your mind. Then say, “From among your 5 cards, pick up the card that is same with the one in my hand now.”

iv) Do this 5 times.

b) Mind Reading

i) Mother and child face each other.

ii) Ask your child to guess what’s on your mind. (Decide a category first eg. shape, color, animal, transportation vehicle, alphabet, etc.

Out of the five attempts, your child will probably do well to choose the correct card once, at first. With further practice, your child will succeed all 5 times.


Clairvoyance is the ability to make a successful guess of the identity of hidden things eg. cards, or to identify the color of balls in a box. It is different from telepathy. The child is being clairvoyant as the mother herself does not know the answer, so the child is not reading her mind. a) The Game of Identifying Cards

Line up 5 picture cards or game cards face down in front of your child and have him/her guess the card you point to.

b) The Game of Guessing What’s In The Box

Put one ball out of a possible 5 colors – red, blue, yellow, white and black, into a box, and from the outside without touching the ball, through the use of clairvoyance, have your child guess the color of the ball.

c) Matching Cards Memory Game

All cards are arranged in rows faced down. When it’s your child’s turn, ask him/her to open 2 matching cards. If he/she is successful, he/she can keep the cards, otherwise the cards are closed again. The player with the most cards wins.

d) Blindfolded Game

When games (a) and (b) are done 100% successfully, try this blindfolded game. Have your child blindfolded and guess what object is being placed in front of him without him touching the object.

Alternatively, have your blindfolded child guess and point to where Japan, Australia, America, Russia, etc are on a map placed in front of him.

e) Catch Mummy Game

When your child can guess what is placed in front, play the game of having him/her try to catch you while blindfolded. After your child is blindfolded, ask your child to catch you as move away from the place you were standing before to a new position.


These are games in which the child touches the object and guess what it is.

a) Guessing The Color of the Ball Game

At one side of a completely sealed cardboard box, make a round hole just right for a hand holding a ball to be able to pass through. Place 5 different color balls inside the box. Let your child put his hand into the hole and guess without looking what color ball is in his hand before he draws it out. At first, he’ll be doing well if he successfully guesses one. If this game is practiced daily for five minutes, he will be able to guess 100 correctly out of 100 attempts. When he is guessing the colors, it is important to keep him calm and relax so he can sense the color.

b) Card Play

In front of your child, lay 10 cards face down. Have him touch each card one by one and guess the color of the cards. Animal or friends cards can be used as well.

c) Game Of Guessing What Is Written On The Paper

On a piece of paper about 2 square centimeters, write one alphabet. Wrap it up into a little ball and hand it to your child. Ask him to put the paper ball to his ear, or tuck it under his arm-pit and guess what’s written on the paper.

Hand reading play is different from clairvoyance play in that the child is asked to touch the object with his hand and guess it. It is important to tell the child that if he keeps his heart calm, he will know the letter or symbol written on the paper as it will appear in the area in front of his special eye.


These are games to cultivate the ability to predict what is going to happen.

a) Guessing The Weather Game

Have your child predict the next day’s weather.

b) Guessing The Card Game

Have your child guess the order of the next day’s 5 cards and write his prediction down. The next day, mix the cards well and line them up face down. Let your child turn them over one by one and see if they agree with the order written down the day before. Predictive power is the power in play eg. when your child says there’s going to be a phone call from Grandma, there will actually be one. Suggest to your child that what he is trying to guess about the future will be seen as an image by the special eye.

Why does your child need the precognition capability? If he has fore knowledge of a disaster, he can avoid it. In any business, it is necessary to forecast the future.

Precognition is the ability to understand the future with a concrete image that is more precise than intuition. Young children whose imaging capability is developed, use the precognition capability naturall ============================================

Tips & Tricks on Midbrain Activation

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