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Midbrain-Activation Tips, Issue #014
February 01, 2014
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Quote of the Week

The illiterate of the 21 st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

Alvin Toffler




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FEATURE ARTICLE; HOW TO MAKE YOUR CHILD SMARTER ===========================================================

Twenty nine years ago, when my wife was pregnant, I read from a Psychology journal about the possibility that a fetus can hear. This idea was new then. But during that time, there was already an obstetrician from California who was teaching his patients "How to talk to their unborn baby."

When my wife was about eight months pregnant, I started talking to our unborn baby. I told him that he will be a boy and his name will be Len Al. I put my lips on my wife's belly and called his name. I talked to him both in the Filipino language and English. I did the "fetal talking" every day until my wife was about to deliver.

We were so sure that he would be a boy (during that time there were no sonograms to determine the sex), that we decorated his bedroom in blue and we bought baby clothes for a boy.

On the freezing day of 28 January 1973, my son was born in Bangor, Maine. I talked to him at once and called his name. Every time I noticed that he was wide awake and alert, I talked to him. "How are you, kumusta ka?"

Frequently my wife and I talked to him bilingually in Tagalog and English during his first twelve months. We also read to him frequently. Sometimes I read him some of my medical books. When we were teaching him parts of his body, I even used some medical terms when pointing to his anatomy. One of the first anatomical words he uttered was "patella" when he was a toddler. The first two words that he was able to read at two years old were "Subaru" and "Toyota."

Most parents can make their infants advanced in emotional, cognitive, and language development by recognizing that the most crucial time of development of a child is from pre-natal to the first nine months of life. During this time, the growth and development of the brain is the fastest and in high gear. The earlier the brain cells or neurons are stimulated, the more synapses (connection of one neuron to another) are created. It is the early neural synapses that make us remember, learn, talk, think, count, and create better


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