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Midbrain-Activation Tips, Issue #017
March 01, 2014
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Quote of the Week

"The Empires of the future will be empires of the mind." Sir Winston Churchill




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Today’s quote came from the revolutionary book : The Learning Revolution

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FEATURE ARTICLE; NEUROPLASTICITY : contd ===========================================================

Neuroplasticity is probably one of the most amazing thing we have discovered about the brain. While our ability to re-wire our brains is nothing to scoff at, the best thing is still to do what we can to develop the brain as early as possible – starting in the first few years of a child’s life Did you know that emotions boost our memory? Or that small muscle exercises help the brain develop? Early experiences contribute to the structure of the brain and its capacities. The quality, quantity, and consistency of stimulation will determine, to a large extent, the number of brain synapses that are formed and how those connections will function.

This is true for both cognitive and emotional development, and the effect is lifelong. Start Smart offers simple, straightforward ways to boost brain power with active exploration, repetition, sensory exploration, and direct experience. Revised to reflect the latest research about how children learn, the new edition of this classic bestseller offers explanations on how and why these activities help the brain develop. The layout has been updated, and the illustrations are now in color.



• CHAPTER 1 - Sniff, Sniff: Aromas and the Brain

• CHAPTER 2 - Thinking It Through: Choices and the Brain

• CHAPTER 3 - I Feel Blue: Color and the Brain

• CHAPTER 4 - Always Across: Cross-Lateral Movement and the Brain

• CHAPTER 5 - I Feel, I Remember: Emotions and the Brain

• CHAPTER 6 - Hop, Skip, Jump: Exercise and the Brain

• CHAPTER 7 - Right and Left: Hemispheres and the Brain

• CHAPTER 8 - Water, Water, Everywhere: Hydration and the Brain • CHAPTER 9 - Laughter and Learning: Laughter and the Brain

• CHAPTER 10 - I Hear! I See! I Do! Learning Styles and the Brain

• CHAPTER 11 - Touch, Toss, Turn, Twirl: Movement and the Brain

• CHAPTER 12 - Start with a Song: Music and the Brain

• CHAPTER 13 - The Power of New: Novelty and the Brain

• CHAPTER 14 - Feeding the Brain: Nutrition and the Brain

• CHAPTER 15 - Less Is More! Over stimulation and the Brain

• CHAPTER 16 - More than Plaids: Patterns and the Brain

• CHAPTER 17 - Try, Try, Again: Practice and the Brain

• CHAPTER 18 - Solving Problems: Problem Solving and the Brain

• CHAPTER 19 - Praise or Encouragement: Rewards, Praise, and the Brain

• CHAPTER 20 - Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese: Second Language Learning and the Brain

• CHAPTER 21 - What Does It Mean? Sense, Meaning, and the Brain

• CHAPTER 22 - The Hand-Brain Connection: Small Muscles and the Brain

• CHAPTER 23 - Calm, Cool, and Collected? Stress and the Brain

• CHAPTER 24 - The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown: Technology and the Brain

A PREVIEW OF THE "Guide to Quantum Speed Reading –

" Contents:

# An Outline of the Whole Book - to give you a general picture of the layout

# An outline of The Basic Method # Details of The Basic Method # An outline of The Basic Techniques

# Details of the Basic Techniques

# The Three Most Important Chapters in the book.

# Suggested Teaching plan based on our successful workshops

# A List of the 20 exercises found in the book # Additional Exercises based on our own research and workshops
Read more about the Guide to Yumiko Method


We have seen plenty of evidence of the power of The Midbrain Activation. This is a gift for our future generations and we need your help to promote it worldwide. We have very affordable plans that take your that take into consideration your unique situation.

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It is ideal for

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