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Midbrain-Activation Tips, Issue #019
March 15, 2014
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Quote of the Week

" Every child has, at birth,a greater potential intelligence than Leonardo Da Vinci ever used."

Glenn Doman - Author of Teach Your Baby to Read




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Today’s quote came from the revolutionary book : The Learning Revolution

Today, you can read the 1999 version, free online

Today's article by Esther Andrew dramatizes the awesome power we have as parents to mold the future of our children


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FEATURE ARTICLE; How Laszlo Polgar grew 3 Geniuses ===========================================================

This is a story I think you will find interesting. It's a story about Laszlo Polgar, and how he grew 3 chess genius daughters. They did not just become chess geniuses on their own, no way! It was all planned and calculated and the 3 girls Polgar - Judit, Susan and Sophia prove Laszlo Polgar's theory - you can turn every child into a genius, if you know how.

Laszlo Polgar, after studying the biographies of many great intellectuals, developed his "method", based on early specialization in a particular subject. He believed that the public school system contradicts children's abilities. He believed that he could turn any healthy child into a prodigy, and was looking for a wife that would cooperate on that. He found that in a language teacher named Klara.

Laszlo did not send his kids to school.

Here, in the US you can sign up to home school your children. In Hungary at that time that was not possible, and the Laszlos had a struggle on their hand. However Lazlo won.

Susan, the first born daughter, coincidentally found a chess set in a cabinet. The kid was deeply interested in the board and the chess figures, and the mother - who didn't know how to play chess - promised the Laszlo will teach Susan how to play chess. Father and mother Polgar have chosen chess as the perfect activity for their plans. It is a combination of art and science, and it was a competitive activity easy to measure results and to prove success.

6 months later Laszlo walked into Budapest's chess club, where old men were playing chess matches, accompanied by little Susan. The older man who was asked to play a game with her laughed, only to be beaten a short while later by little Suzan. Later Susan dominated Budapest's tournament of girls under 11 with a perfect score.

Sophia was born in 1974 and 21 months later Judit was born. The girls were allowed to watch dad teaching Susan under the condition that they would learn the game too.

In an interview with the girls they told a reporter that they would start their day with physical activity, often a ping pong game. They were not rich, the girl said, and the sport of ping pong is free, once you own the table. Occasionally they also swam. After that they would practice 8 or 9 hours of chess.

Laszlo and Klara also taught them German, English and high level math. All three are multilingual). A break was planned every day in which they relaxed and told jokes.

"My father is a visionary,"

. "My father is a visionary," Susan says. "He always thinks big, and he thinks people can do a lot more than they actually do."

You have to start this early, Laszlo said. "My dad believed in optimizing early childhood instead of wasting time playing outside or watching TV," Susan says.

Laszlo believed that in addition to great success, their achievements in chess will also bring the girls happiness. Together as a team Laszlo and Klara managed the project. Laszlo devised the big plan, and Klara was the practical one who took care of the details and coordinated the travel to 40 countries for chess tournaments.

"My father believes that innate talent is nothing, that success is 99 percent hard work," Susan says. "I agree with him." The apartment they lived in housed thousands of chess books. Trophies and chess boards covered the living room. The decorations were chess related, like scenes from historical chess games. For fun the girls played blindfolded blitz.

The reporter who interviewed Laszlo, who was amazed by this, asked Laszlo if he is too late to do something with his son, who is 16. He said - that's it? I have no chance to develop him any more?

To this Laszlo answered - first of all, I would take him out of school immediately. Then I would find out what he likes most to do and what he is best in. What is he brilliant in? Then start practicing and studying with him as much as you can. After 7 or 8 years he will be a little bit closer to genius, but not more than that.

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