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Midbrain-Activation Tips, Issue #020
March 22, 2014
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Quote of the Week

" Any normal child, when trained early and appropriately, will become intellectually advanced.” Sidney Ledson - Raising Brighter Children.




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Today’s quote came from the revolutionary book : The Learning Revolution

Today, you can read the 1999 version, free online

Today's article by Sidney Ledson dramatizes the awesome power we have as parents to mold the future of our children


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FEATURE ARTICLE; How Ann-Marie Kauppinen raised a Genius ===========================================================

In his ground breaking book, RAISING BRIGHTER CHLDREN, Sidney Ledson,states:

" High performance in any activity follows the fulfilment of three conditions – virtually a formula for success. Whenever these three conditions are met, human endeavour rises to its zenith

What are the three conditions? What is the formula for success?

1. They had excellent early instruction.

2. They had the time and the tools needed; whether they be books, the intelligent company, the musical instrument, the swimming pool or tennis court, hockey rink or gold course

3. They were highly motivated.

Ledson then goes on to describe the achievements of Jason Kauppinen. " When I first heard of Jason," Ledson says, “ he had just invented a portable battery-powered traffic light to spare police from having to stand at intersections – perhaps in a violent storm – to keep traffic moving. Jason had also invented a special battery-powered eating utensil for the handicapped, a knife that hold the meat while it cuts, a fork that rotates to gather spaghetti, and a spoon that turns towards the diner’s mouth.

Jason was then four years old.


Discussing Jasons’ early education his mother, Ann-Marie Kauppinen, was, in a way, very unsettling for Ledson, for the mother’s program of early instruction so out spaced the speed of education advancement suggested in his book.

He then devotes an entire chapter to describe the methods she used.

When Jason was born, Ann-Marie lost no time in starting his education. Jason was introduced to the first subject on the curriculum, reaching and grasping exercises, even before he and his had returned home from the hospital..

Extracts from this chapter will be posted on our website this week

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