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Midbrain-Activation Tips, Issue #031
July 27, 2014
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Quote of the Week

“If you wish to make an impact for one year, plant corn; if you wish to make an impact for a generation, plant a tree; if you wish to make an impact for an eternity, educate a child”


Welcome to our weekly newsletter.

Today we would like to bring in something different. Over the week end while visiting Brisbane, Australia for my son's Ph.D graduation, I had the chance to read an excellent article in the Meditation Magazine.

To say it was an "eye-opener" would be an understatement.

We are going to re think our Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies using the thought-provoking questions in this little e-book.

We kindly invite our readers to reflect on the questions posed by Isabelle Cunningham-Doolan and provide us valuable feedback.

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Anyone who has money will know that wealth is much more than just having dollars. True wealth means having the financial resources to live the lifestyle you want for yourself and being able to make your choices based on what you want or need, rather than what you can afford.

True wealth is also about living according to your passion and on purpose; being in a position to positively Influence and impact on other people’s lives in a significant way.

True wealth means feeling deeply fulfilled, loving your life and work, and being grateful to be doing what you’re doing. Having money is not wealth unless you love what you do to make that money and you love the life that money pays for.

We all experience a great sense of purpose and satisfaction when we are able to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. One of the best ways we can do this is through education.

Just for a moment

Think about how your work can improve people’s lives; what can your product or service do to make your customer or client’s life better? How will it help them to be healthier or happier?

My intention in this little book is to show you how to educate more people (many, many more people) about how your products or services will help improve their lives and knowing these simple secrets will help you attract many, many more buyers to your business very matter what your business is

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! When you give someone an education, particularly when you teach them something that solves a real life problem for them, maybe even a problem that has been keeping them up at night or that is making it difficult to enjoy their lives to the full, you instantly build an immense amount of TRUST with that person.

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. No matter if it is a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a business relationship between you and your client!

Educational Marketing allows you to become a Trusted Advisor

A person they can trust to give them good information about what you know best; the solutions to the problems they have and that your business, your products and your services solve.

When you take the time to educate your perfect audience, right inside your marketing material, you instantly become a Trusted Advisor to them.



The Midbrain Activation Manual is now being updated as we have had many enthusiastic parents try our book at home at a special price.

Your investment of time and effort will not only profit your child(ren) but help us in our vision of creating a World Without Blindness project. Read more about the PARENTS GUIDE TO MIDBRAIN ACTIVATION


We have seen plenty of evidence of the power of The Midbrain Activation. This is a gift for our future generations and we need your help to promote it worldwide. We have very affordable plans that take your that take into consideration your unique situation.

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