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Dr Ruwani Kumari Valentine

Mindfulness-based coping exercises for young people, people with an intellectual disability, and adults who prefer playful, concrete images. Improve wellbeing and resilience, decrease distress.<br>

All these exercises help with feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. I have indicated, however, particular conditions where the exercises may be especially useful. The exercises are meant to be used preventatively, to promote resilience, as well as reactively, to help exit a state. For maximum gain, practice the exercises when calmer, so that skills can be used even when anxious

01 Stretch like a Cat: A brief, playful progressive muscle relaxation to decrease tension. Especially useful for trauma, worry, anger, sleep problems. FREE

02 Tummy Breathing: Diaphragmatic Breathing. Useful for all conditions. An essential skill.

03 Affirmations: Neutral and positive coping statements. Useful for worry, managing anxiety including panic, performance fears, low mood, self-esteem.

04 Bubble Breathing: Slow Breathing. Useful for all conditions. An essential skill. FREE

05 Sticking Attention: and smell. Useful for: trauma/dissociation/spacing out, feeling overwhelmed, panic, feeling out of control, social anxiety, low mood, agitation, anger, worry.

06 My Bubble of Protection: A visualisation exercise, developed originally for adults, where we imagine creating a bubble of protection for the day that shields us from negativity, and criticism. Useful for: dealing with bullies and critics, social anxiety, self-esteem, trauma.

07 Safe Place Visualisation: A visualisation for helping with carrying a feeling of safety around inside. We create a safe place that can be gone to when needed. At first, it may be difficult to imagine a safe place. Practice will help. Useful for: trauma, social anxiety, stress.

08 Riding the Waves of Anxiety: In this visualisation, with accompanying ocean sounds, we imagine coping with anxious feelings. Useful for exposure and response prevention work, trauma, panic, agitation.

09 Walking through a Rainforest: Peaceful visualisation to promote calmness.

10 Zap Zap Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs): Automatic Negative Thoughts quickly enter our head and we believe them! They affect how we feel. In this exercise, we practice tuning in to thoughts and then zapping them! Useful for: all conditions including worry, stress, feeling overwhelmed.

11 Throw Worry Stones into the Water: in this practical, mindfulness visualisation, we practice letting our worries go. Useful for: feeling overwhelmed, stressed, worrying, self-esteem.

12 Inviting a Superhero to Help: we all need extra help sometimes! In this visualisation, we increase coping and changing perspective by inviting a favourite superhero in to help us. Useful for: nightmares, stress, worry, low mood. FREE

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