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The Fallacy of Challenging “Blindfold Seeing”

A review of the never ending mad rage of destruction which is becoming a Pan India phenomenon

-Mark Antony

This is an initiative once again, though a potentially futile one, to inject some rationale into the heads of the so called Rationalists. Now though, I have to admit I am very much a proud member of this fledgling but potentially trail blazing component of Indian education industry.

Media goes crazy over leaks, exposes and disasters. Using this craving for negativity the rationalists are clamouring for blood, destruction and denigration; of people who represent an industry that has the potential to alter the academic system of this country.

I am writing this piece because there are some basic questions, discrepancies and concerns that crop up in my mind. State after state, city after city this standoff between the industry and rationalists is spreading at a frighteningly fast pace. People who were previously unknown to each other are now sharpening their swords and trading blows to vanquish each other, just because of philosophical differences. And the losers of this mad rage unfortunately are the children, who could be permanently denied a wonderful tool to sharpen their skills and intellect. Worse they are used as scape goats in this battle.

Targeting an industry which is still finding its feet and struggling to understand its own dynamics as a soft target to prove a point is the epitome of opportunism. It’s like a wild beast targeting a new born deer for an easy prey.

Why not challenge leather industry over raping our rivers? Why not challenge the soft drink industry that sucks the blood out of our agricultural lifeline, or for that matter why not challenge your own medical fraternity over killing people and animals in the name of clinical trials?

Are all these are justified just because it doesn’t clash with your rationale; or is it because you know they are too strong to be conquered?

My point here is, if there is a conflict it has to have a logical ground to contest rather than heading towards an energy sapping stalemate. There has to be a paradigm shift in the path we take to bring this confrontation to a logical conclusion

The blindfold activation is a means to an end, and not an end by itself. PERIOD.

The whole point of argument of fraud based on demeaning the cogency of the philosophy by questioning the validity of blind fold reading is of circuitous logic and fundamentally wrong; because of the following reasons,

  1. Blindfold training is only a tool to increase a person’s concentration levels. The real benefits of the program are enhancing attributes like memory power, concentration levels, relaxed state of mind, emotional control etc.
  2. The efficacy of blind folded activities varies depending on conditions, environment, state of mind etc. This can be backed up by solid scientific reasoning. Debate it if you want to understand. Test conditions were not conducive for the children who failed to perform the blindfold activities on your stage. Their concentration levels were down, their state of mind was perturbed and they were almost tortured and jeered on stage. Hence the end results were sub-optimal as it should be expected. Imagine asking a child to write a board exam in a theatre hall. Can the same result be expected like that of a calm and secured environment of an examination hall?
  3. The effectiveness of blindfold activities changes from person to person. You cannot expect every child to be right every time.
  4. Children need practice and time to perform using different blindfolding aids. You cannot expect them to adopt instantly to your ad hoc measures of introducing wild means to make the so called test fail proof.

It is outright foolish to denounce a method as ineffective because it has ‘one’ process that is a phenomenon which doesn’t have an established scientific validation. Have you even cared to understand what the other well established scientific procedures that are being followed to bring out the real benefits of the program? Since you are finding it difficult to debate on logical grounds, I’ll try to throw some light on them. If you really want to debate on the efficacy of the program, then you would be more sensible to delve deep into the following…

  1. Finger Movements: Yes, it is a well-established fact that finger movements and exercises opens up new pathways of communication between the brain and has beneficial impact on its functioning. Go and check the medical recovery manual for stroke affected persons and the impact finger movements have on your brain if you do not already know. You are free to disagree if you want.
  2. Eye Ball movements: Conscious bilateral eye movements were long before hypothesized to equalize activation levels of the two contralateral hemisphere of the brain, thereby enhancing inter-hemispheric interaction and facilitating episodic memory retrieval. Also working on eye stimulation is proved to impact many areas — vision (of course), relaxation, memory, emotion, thought, creativity, motivation – and especially creative intuition!
  3. Brain Entrainment: A system that we practice which uses the phenomenon of ‘resonance’ to bring the brain waves to ideal frequency. I am sure you are aware of the many benefits, chemical and hormonal enhancements of the state of mind and the related effect on human output.
  4. Blind Fold Reading: Innumerable benefits of doing activities and trying to concentrate the mind while eyes are closed have been researched before. Its effect on strengthening the neural connections between your anterior cingulate and prefrontal cortex, which merge attention, motivation, working memory, and many other executive functions have been reported by the scientific community time and time again.
  5. Habit formation techniques, Auto Suggestion and many more….

THESE ARE JUST ‘SOME’ OF THE TOOLS THAT WE USE in our program to bring about the benefits we are promising to our customers. It is not just about blindfold reading. It is about transforming a child. And if you are people of at least pea sized intellect, then I wish we had an open argument on the efficacy of the above given processes and base your debate on their worth in improving a child’s performance rather than whining repeatedly on ‘challenges’ and ‘blindfolding’ .

Do you really want a quantitative proof for these claims? We are ready to validate our claims on the transformative effect our program has on the human brain by EEG reports and Neuro Feedback. THAT’S OUR CHALLENGE. And that’s a perfectly logical challenge unlike yours and I am sure one to which you will not agree. PROVE US WRONG PLEASE… Then call us frauds if you dare.

The whole point of contention is if you are objecting a philosophy it must be based on the ‘benefits’ being claimed by the program and not a ‘process’ that is used to reach those benefits. Blindfolding is just one such process. Though there is no directly established principle for blindfold seeing presently, there are so much of validated scientific theories that can substantiate the process.  Just go read ‘neural cross wiring’, ‘blending senses’ so on and so forth.  Try to prove them wrong too.

Yes, blindfold ability is definitely a good side effect of undertaking this program. And it seems it is your objection that we exploit this extraordinary aspect to market the program. And this you feel as misleading consumers. Yes, I agree some of us in the industry choose to do so. We are slowly moving away from that practice to more sensible marketing practices that will emphasize the real benefits. But even if we do want to use Blindfold Abilities as a surrogate tool to attract customers… Why not?

Almost all deodorant brands make it a point to emphasize ‘sex appeal’ as a major plus over the real benefit of it being an antiperspirant. And I am sure you are aware of the crores of rupees they make by driving men crazy hoping to lure a girl to his bed? That too by buying a deodorant for a hundred bucks? Isn’t this the most blatant form of surrogate marketing? And this is just one example, and I am sure there are hundreds of others. If you object us to use blindfold abilities as a marketing tool, then I am all ears to know your thoughts on the above. If not we are sure you are a double-dealer.

A case of brazen gambling

“Cash prize of Rs 5,00,000 . Non-refundable deposit of Rs 50,000 in case you fail”

This is the most unabashed case of promoting gambling I have heard of. I also am sure the “cheque” you keep waving would have no value, literally and figuratively.

And not to forget,

“This event here, any contributors? That expose there, any funding? Anyone? Anywhere?”

Sounds familiar? This is a typical pre-event post, pleading for funds, on your social media profiles.

And you call ‘us’ beggars? SHAME

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