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August 15, 2015
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Quote of the Week

"Most of the problems of mankind are due to man's inability to still alone in a room." Baise Pascal.

" We are not physical beings having spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience for a short while" Tehihard de Chadin.


Welcome to our New Newsletter

Why has the name changed ?

Midbrain Activation and Quantum Speed Reading were only available for children. We have since discovered that adults too can profit from the same programs.

We have also introduced some more programs for adults such as Awaken the Third Eye and Mindpower.

We now have programs for the whole family and we strongly believe that to developing the genius in our children is a whole family commitment

Welcome to our new members Please feel free to pass this on to your list


Why Dairy Products are harmful for Your Child

Children's health often improves when dairy is eliminated When it comes to nutrition it is a very difficult time to be a mother. Some of our favorite “comfort foods” turn out to be very uncomfortable for the human body. When mothers come to us for nutritional help, the very first thing we do is eliminate all dairy products. This rarely makes us popular, but the reasons for so doing are compelling. The evidence that this is sound advice is clearly seen in the results with our children. We don’t mind being unpopular at the start because we know it won’t last long. Once mother sees the improvement in her children’s health, she becomes a strong advocate of a dairy-free nutritional program.

Why are dairy products such a problem for the human body? Dairy products are derived from the milk of cows. Cow’s milk is a highly specialized baby formula designed for baby cows but not designed for baby human beings (or adult human beings either!). Cow baby formula contains special hormones for baby cows. These hormones are not good for human beings. This is why even organic milk is still not good for your child as compared to human breast milk.

Cow’s milk that is not organic contains antibiotics and growth hormones to increase milk production. These antibiotics and additional growth hormones are also a very bad idea for human beings, especially very young human beings whose immune systems can be especially fragile.

Cow’s milk contains casein, which reacts with the opiate receptors in the temporal lobes of the brain. The temporal lobes are involved with speech and auditory integration. When casein reacts with the opiate receptors in the temporal lobes, it can mimic the effect of opiate drugs, and this may negatively impact speech and auditory integration. It is worth noting that the peptide from milk is called casomorphin.

Most of us were raised on cow’s milk. We had it on our cereal for breakfast. We had little boxes of it with our school lunch. We washed down our stolen cookies with it. Weren’t you told that if you did not drink your milk you would never grow up to be big and strong?

Mothers are afraid to stop dairy products. Secretly we think something terrible will happen if we stop dairy products.

It’s not true. Something good will happen. That runny nose will stop running. Those chronic ear infections will disappear. Those black circles under your child’s eyes will go away and not come back. The trips to the doctor, or worse, the hospital, will become fewer. Appetite, sleep, and behavior – all may be much better. For some children, understanding and language will improve as well.

Do you like a challenge? Here is a good one: Put a dot on your calendar today and another one on the calendar exactly six weeks from now. Eliminate all dairy products starting today, and when you come to that second dot six weeks from now, ask yourself what changed? If there are clear changes for the better, you have your answer. You will have taken the first step in creating a much better nutritional program for your child. Keep it up!

Write and tell us how you are doing. Want to learn how to increase calcium in your child’s diet without dairy products?There are many delicious and nutritious foods that offer calcium, often in forms that are easier to absorb and digest.


Many vegetables are a fine source of calcium. The green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, collard greens, turnip greens, beet greens, and Swiss chard provide a rich source of calcium. These vegetables should be cooked and can be served several times a day.

These are among the most nutritious of all vegetables, so it is very important to provide the opportunity to enjoy these vegetables while your child is young and learning how different foods taste. Giving your young child a wide palate for many different tastes and textures makes a huge difference later on. Children who are not exposed early to a wide variety of foods are more likely to stay with a narrow diet throughout life.


Beans also provide calcium. Beans must be properly cooked to be digestible. We recommend that beans be soaked at least four hours, and then discard the water. Place the beans in a slow cooker with herbs or seasonings and lots of water. Cook overnight, or for at least eight hours. The beans should be very soft so that you can mash them with a fork or puree them easily.


Sesame seeds and almonds are a very good source of calcium. Sesame can be toasted and sprinkled on vegetables, poultry, fish, or meat. It can also be made into butter and used as a snack or in a sauce for vegetables, poultry, meat or fish.

Almonds can also be toasted or made into butter and used in the same way. In fact, many parents like to make their own “almond milk.” This is easy to do and it is delicious. When cow’s milk is eliminated, mothers are often eager to have a substitute that is healthy. We are so accustomed to having a milky-looking drink, and almond milk really comes to the rescue.


Wild salmon and sardines are a very rich source of calcium. If wild salmon is not available, we do not recommend farm-raised fish as a substitute.


Parents frequently substitute soymilk for dairy. We have found soy products to be a problem for our children, so we do not recommend their use.

Life Habits Matter

Teaching your child right from the start how to eat healthy sources of calcium will establish a life-long habit of eating all the right things and loving them, while avoiding those foods that over time can cause degenerative disease.

More Information

For more information on calcium-rich foods, you can consult: The International Osteoporosis Foundation’s website


Courtesy of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential

The International Osteoporosis Foundation’s website

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You can now teach your child(ren) Midbrain Activation and Quantum Speed Reading in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The parents are always the first and the most important teachers in a child's life.

Midbrain Activation is much more than learning a set of "magical" skills. As the late Prof. Makoto Schichida always emphasised that "The philosophy of Shichida revolves around parent-child bonding."

We feel that once you engage the heart of a child, you can engage their mind. It's all about praise, love, and accept, which is our motto.

The "Soul Education" is an education to develop children's hearts and polish their souls. The right brain can be activated not by egoistic hearts but by appreciative hearts. Parents should shower their child with love and praise which in turn encourages the child to learn. When a child is reared in an environment of unlimited love, continuous praise and unconditional acceptance, it develops a sense of "oneness" between parent and child. To unlock and develop the right brain, parents need to provide children with a stress-free environment to learn.

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