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We are looking for passionate teachers who may be rich in skills and experience but may not have enough savings to invest.

Can we take your honesty and integrity for granted?

Can we assume that you are 200% dedicated to becoming a skilled trainer in our leading reading programs?

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Parents every where are known to make huge sacrifices to give the best education they can to their children.

Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada, populated by immigrants. Many parents have given up highly paying, secure jobs in this quest.

But school education as we know it, is not enough. No one has explained this more eloguently than the late Prof. Makoto Shichida.

We need enthusiastic educators, parents and others to promote this research and our program in all parts of the world.

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of your own children and that of others, please contact us


There are several ways you can earn an income while promoting our products and services

#1 : Promoting our Franchise Package

#2 : Promoting our Workshop

#3 : Promoting / Distributing our books as an Affiliate.

#4: Hosts – to organise our workshops in their home town.

#5. Licensees – who want to start big or small.

$6. Translators of our books, courses and manuals

#7. Virtual Assistants

#8. Content Writers

#9. Internet Marketeers

#10. Webinar Organisers

#11. Event Managers

#12. Business Development Managers

#13. Educators / Owners of Tuition and Learning Centres

#14. Owners of Pre School Centres.


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