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 Quantum speed reading (QSR) is a completely new technique for reading developed by Ms Yumiko Tobitani, a tutor at the Shichida Academy.

Ms. Yumiko Tobitani, who is a teacher at Japan's renowned Shichida Child Academy, has been the leading light of this technique over the past decade. Her first book in English entitled 'Quantum Speed Reading' covers the development and practical applications of QSR in detail. Well known scientist and systems thinker Dr. Ervin Laszlo, who comments on QSR at the beginning of the book, has witnessed the children in Japan training at Ms. Tobitani's prep school. Imagine being able to read any book in any language! I


A Message from Makoto Shichida, Head of the Shichida Child Academy

 Ms. Yumiko Tobitani, a top teacher at the Shichida child academy, has written this book about the theory and practice of Quantum Speed-Reading. Quantum Speed-Reading is a unique form of speed-reading that utilizes the right brain to visualize the contents of a book and instantly grasp its meaning. Conventional speed-reading utilizes the left brain lo quickly read and understand printed text. The right brain doesn't read text word for word but rather grasps the general content al the level of thought vibration (the quantum level) and then converts those impressions into images or words to be read. This is a basic function of the right brain with its "sympathetic resonance" ability to translate written words in to correlated images.


A New Way of Education that can change the world.

I have been involved with the education of children these past twenty years. As I taught these children in my class I was amazed to discover that they had this wonderful 'speed reading' ability, one given to them by nature. Each time I would teach my class, I discovered a great deal about them and noticed a lot of things.



Quantum Speed Reading is a type of book reading which you flip over the pages very fast.

Yet this is a little different than usual reading.
Quantum Speed Reading is a type of book reading which you flip over the pages very fast.

Yet this is a little different then usual reading.

This fashion is easy, but it tickles the emotion that only a human can have, and this fashion is easy even when you don't know how to read the word or kanji* in the book.

I can't understand a book or read Kanji just by simply reading it, I think this is what I call a "Life's Code". My way to feel this is by various things like seeing colors, seeing pictures or smelling things. Perhaps just by putting a title to a blank none-writen book, then the content from the title will stand out from the book.

You're able to make titles like" Your 20 year-old self" for instance.

I want to continue this Quantum Speed Reading.



You will find hundreds of companies claiming to teach QSR in two days.

There are only a handful of certified QSR teachers in the world and we are priviledge to have two of them in our team.

Ms.Tobitani has given us a signed copy of her Original Japanese book: " Child Power.

We have also studied several works of Prof.Makoto Shichida, on whose research QSR is based.


The QSR technique is not solely about reading however. It can also be utilised in several other creative ways for problem solving and memorizing, for health improvement and stress reduction as well as for positive thinking and what can only be described as quasi telepathic communication with plants and animals for example

All of these extensions of the original QSR training have been fully documented and tested over the years in a great variety of situations with many individuals.This web site has been created to introduce QSR for the first time outside of Japan where there are now thousands

Imagine a new form of communication within your family or friends or colleagues. And if you can try to visualize getting information from the blank pages of a book that is specially prepared for QSR students. Parents and children alike all over Japan have reported a wealth of improvements in their lives and relationships thanks to this truly 'mind stretching' ability that sleeps within all of our brains. We hope that this web site will assist you in learning more about it and encourage you to communicate with us in Japan.

Echan Deravy
Translator of 'Quantum Speed Reading' from the original Japanese

Children coming to the Shichida Child Academy who have been raised by mothers who teach them that, ' Being the top student is great' or that ' You have to beat all the others' will from the beginning always be conscious of having to be number one. However at the school we do not just shut that out as something bad but instead acknowledge that the child was indeed the number one. As we progress with the child, he or she will discover the real pleasure that is beyond the principle of competition and quite naturally become less conscious of being the number one in class.

What becomes more important to the child then is whether what he or she is doing has been fun or not. As the individual begins to essentially enjoy things in this way the children start to accept each other. Conversations between them begin to develop where they accept that some are good at doing certain things, and others at good at others.

This I believe to be a very significant factor. In the past the value system has been based on an attitude of give and take. In other words if you are kind to others then they will in turn be kind to you. However in our future society even this way of 'give and take' thinking will end. In its place I believe that we will be able to share a common value system in the midst of our social groups at all times.





This is an introduction to the foundation exercises to develop Quantum Speed Reading (QSR). 

 QSR  is a 12 week long program that requires focus, concentration and persistence on the part of both parents and children.

This guide introduces you to the Basic Methods and Techniques needed to learn QSR.



The book is now out of print and the comapny does not plan to reprint it.

You can still find a few copies here:


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