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A Message from Dr Makoto Shichida

Dear Parents of our Future Geniuses

Until recently, it was not known in what way geniuses were nurtured or created.
There will be parents who, upon learning the right method,  will make full use of it in rearing their children.

There will undoubtedly be others who, not wishing to go so far, will still wish to develop their child's potential so as to enable him or her to lead a composed, relaxed school life.

Parents of mentally retarded children, on learning that there is a way by which their child can be brought up as a normal child, will undoubtedly be filled with hope.

There is no need to lament that it is too late, even if your child is older than six,  and has gotten too big to do this kind of work with.

It is possible for both primary and secondary school children at the bottom of their classes to rise to the top through the use of  right brain learning methods.

The right brain learning method of the 21st Century can be said to be a resurrection of human learning methods.

It is a learning method of hope for all. 

I hope from the bottom of my heart that through this method, each and every child will be able to draw out the splendid potential each one naturally possesses and will actively participate in the 21st Century. 

Professor Makoto Shichida, Ed.D.

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  •   My child is only an infant. How can he/she benefit? 
  •   What must parents do in the programme? 
  •    What are Right brain capabilities that all children possess?

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