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Today’s child is a wonderful, magical mixture of sense-abilities.

Today’s child picks up information at an incredibly fast rate. He is wired to continually gather information and connect, or link, it to what he already knows

Today’s child is a multi-sensorial being, absorbing information beyond the five physical senses. He can sense and discern subtle differences of light (color), sound (pitch), and electrical currents and electromagnetic fields.

Today’s child responds to love and unconditional accept- ance. His potential flowers in an atmosphere of limitless understanding of his potential free from expectation or stress. He blossoms in a joyful, stimulating environment that meets his individual needs.

Today’s child can bring mental images to life. He can see mental images clearly, three-dimensionally, with all of his senses. He has the ability to imagine, invent, and create  a positive future for us all.

our featured programs for today's child


Extra Ocular Vision Training (EOV) ™ is the given name to a Nuevo-ancient training centered on teaching children how to expand their intuition  and develop their pre-conscious mind. Often referred to as brain development training, EOV awakens dormant skills and abilities. When they begin to “see”, the child’s consciousness takes a quantum leap in expansion

Every child is born a genius, but is swiftly degeniused by unwitting humans and/or physically un-favorable environ-mental  factors."

R .Buckminster Fuller


The Shichida method has been used in Japan for over 25 years and is backed by 40 years of research into developing techniques to stimulate the early development of the brain. The Shichada method works on the principle of a strong, stress-free parent-chiold bold.




To most of us who learned only to read books by reading a page at a time, it may be seem impossible that children  can in fact be trained to  read by simply flipping the pages of a book

Unlike the many well established forms of speed reading that are in existence QSR does not require the book to be opened at all. The book is simply held up in front of the reader's face and the pages are flipped rapidly using the thumb much like when preparing to shuffle playing cards. It is thus a truly revolutionary advancement in education.


One of the Right Brain Functions identified by the late Prof. Makoto Shichida is the High Speed Mass Memory Function.  In other words, the Right Brain has the ability to memorize massive amount of information at very high speed. It is also called Photographic memory which allows one to remember an entire page   of information in one glance, as though taking a photo snapshot with a camera.


Q.1    What  is the  Midbrain and why do does it need Activation?

The midbrain, also called the mesencephalon, is a small region of the brain that serves as a relay center for visual, auditory, and motor systems information

In human being the midbrain is located above the brain stem and is responsible for the perception of stimuli and  communicating  this  information with the right and left hemispheres for  processing.  Since it is part of the lower brain centres, the mid brain is not subject to our conscious awareness.



Q. 2  I understand that after MBA, a  child can even read while being heavily blindfolded.  Why should I pay  for this magic trick?

Being able to read while blindfolded is only an external indicator that the midbrain has been activated.

Unlike some companies, we do not promote this ability on its own but use it to move on to discover other abilities that are more relevant for a child's development.

Our program is not about Blindold Reading and Impressing others:

It is about super speed learning.

Ours is an amazing course that boosts your child’s learning ability, and unleashes your child’s hidden potential beyond imagination.

It is about Right Brain Activation.

It is an accelerated learning program inspired by Maria Montessori, Glenn Doman, Makoto Shichida, Tony Buzan and many others. It is a gentle but powerful method of activating both hemisphere of the brain to :

  • Ø Accelerate learning
  • Ø Activate photographic memory
  • Ø Promote high speed reading
  • Ø Make early learning fun for both children and parents.
  • Ø Develop the multiple intelligences that are now essential requisites to excel in the  New World Order.


What is the science behind this program?

Why  has no Indian company  been able to meet the challenge of the Rationalist Association?                                                             

What are the real  benefits of attending the MBA worksshop?                                                          

How and why are children able to read blindfolded?                                                                    

What is the ultimate result of MBA that no company has investigated or  studied?


Unfortunately, we have to limit the amount of information available freely because of unscruplous companies that copy them entirely without due credit.

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Meditations for Children

1.Calm Kids -     At school, we believe education should touch the whole child. This includes the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and cognitive aspects of the child's life. We teach children quietness as a skill to reflect and recharge their inner lives. Lorraine Murray helped us on this journey.'

-- Sheila Laing, Head Teacher

Stress and behavioral disorders are common in children, who are increasingly bombarded by marketing campaigns, faced with school and peer pressure, and able to sense the stress of adults around them.

Mindfulness and meditation can help children recognize and cope with these pressures, releasing bad feelings gently and giving them simple tools to deal with tension and stress throughout their lives. In this practical and inspiring book, Lorraine Murray shows parents, teachers and youth workers how to lead fun and peaceful meditation sessions with children.

Lorraine explains a variety of different approaches, from meditations around daily activities for busy families, to ideas for group 'quietness' sessions in schools. She provides fun, tactile rhymes for toddlers to help them calm down before bedtime, and suggests ways to help teenagers reduce anxiety. She goes on to explain how these methods can help children with ADHD and those on the autistic spectrum, giving a range of case studies.

Send request for Reading Access: CALM KIDS

2.Centering  : Awareness activities for chioldren, parents and teachers by Gay Hendricks.

Send request for Reading Access: CENTERING BOOK