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Eye Training - Fun exercises and games
for Midbrain Activation and High Speed Information Processing

Eye exercises are fundamental to all our training programs: midbrain activation for children,  Quantum Speed Reading and  Genius Mind Power Reading.


Beginning at the top right hand corner (No1) move the eye balls  following the lines.

When you reach No2,  go back to No.1


A  Collection of  Fun Eye Training Exercises

v Background Notes on the benefits of Eye Training

v Forms fo Eye Training

o   Perception Skills

o   Tracking Skills

o   Focus Skills

o   Visual Closure

o   Figure Ground Exercises

o   Visual Processing Skills

o   Visual Form Constancy

o   Visual Discrimination Activities

v Basic Eye Exercises

v Eye Charts (with fun names to help you remember them)

v Advanced Eye Exercises

v Eye Exercises to Connect to the Source

v Eye Exercises for Photographic Reading.

v Vision Expansion Exercises

v Eye Exercises to Prepare for Quantum Speed Reading

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