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Christiane Heilmann

Senior Trainer

With a wealth of training and continuous education, Christiane brings to you something truly exceptional –

  • Something that will captivate your imagination,
  • Ignite your dreams, and
  • Make your soul leap with joy.

What do you do when you possess something so extraordinary that it defies conventional understanding? Something that fills you with an impassioned desire to share it with every human being?

You step into the light and dare.

Experience the Unseen

Christiane Heilmann is not just an ordinary teacher; she is a guide into realms unseen. Through her extensive training and innate gifts, she has mastered the art of tapping into the hidden potentials within each individual.

My Training

  •     Intuition Development
  •     Seeing Without Eyes
  •     X-Ray Vision
  •     Soul Communication
  •     Talent and Skill Enhancement
  •     Reconnective Healing
  •     Quantum Speed Reading
  •     Right Brain Training
  •     Acupuncture
  •     Homeopathy
  •     Kinesiology
  •     Raindrop Massage

Unlock Your Inner Vision

Are you ready to explore the depths of your intuition? To witness the world with eyes closed yet see clearer than ever before? Christiane's methods defy logic and challenge the boundaries of what we believe is possible. With her guidance, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

From Quantum Speed Reading to right brain training, Christiane empowers individuals with the tools and techniques to enhance their cognitive abilities and unlock their full potential. Having studied under trainers trained personally by Ms. Yumiko Tobitani, she enriches her program with unique insights and experiences. Additionally, Christiane has embedded her program with practical ESP exercises and games designed by herself, making her teachings both enriching and engaging.


1. Blindfold Reading

2. Quantum Speed Reading

3. Mind Over Matter

4. Dowsing Rods

5.Spoon Bending.

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Become part of a community dedicated to exploration, growth, and transformation. Through workshops, seminars, and personalized coaching sessions, Christiane invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Ready to embark on a journey of extraordinary vision? Contact Christiane Heilmann today to learn more about her services and how you can unleash your inner potential.



About me

I'm Beatrice Ferri. I had to experience firsthand a disharmony between body, mind and soul. Today I know how important treating yourself carefully is for your well-being and health.

An enormous number of paths to recovery reveal themselves in a completely natural way. You don't always have to take medication straight away. I would be happy to support you with my holistic treatments in finding and regenerating your personal balance.

Who isn’t familiar with the relentless stress of daily life? Juggling emails while the phone rings incessantly. Unpacking groceries while scheduling an appointment with the handyman. We're masters of multitasking, seamlessly managing our jobs, families, and households from dawn till dusk. But amidst all this, who do we tragically neglect? Ourselves.

How does our body react to noise, stress and strain? With tension, exhaustion, pain, depression and, in the worst case, even burnout.

A healthy and straight spine, intact and harmonious energy pathways and a basic sense of well-being are the keys to a life full of peace, satisfaction and balance.

Treat yourself to a break and relax in my oasis of peace. Release energetic blockages, let yourself be pampered with an invigorating massage, strengthen your body awareness or lay the foundation for a healthy life by straightening your spine.

Training History

Training History

  • 2001: Spiritual Human Yoga, Level 1-6 according to Luong Minh Dang
  • 2003:
    • EMF Balancing Technique, according to Peggy Phönix Dubro
    • Kino Mana Lomi Lomi Massage Technique
  • 2004: The Body Talk Systems
  • 2006:
    • La Stone Therapy Jnc.
    • Bioenergy Therapist according to Sabine Sangitar
    • Master of Bioenergy
  • 2007: Spinal Therapy according to Dorn/Breuss
  • 2010: Matrix Impulse Balance Cell Communication on the Quantum Level
  • 2011: Light Glass Method Distance Treatments according to Silke Schaubhut
  • 2014: Access Bars Facilitator
  • 2015: Spiritual Healer Training according to Anne Hübner
    • Radiation conversion - distribution of heavy metals
    • Elimination of vaccinations
    • Production of energy medicine
    • Primal blockages dissolution
  • 2016: Spiritual healer training according to Anne Hübner
    • Holistic spinal straightening according to Anne Hübner



Every parent wants the very best for their children. In pursuit of that goal, parents make enormous sacrifices and go to great lengths.

Here is what a mother of two boys said:

“ Our education system has failed to deliver results.  Our children study at school from morning till evening.  Then we send them to tuition classes for help.  Children study till late at night.  They study during the week ends.  They have no social life.  They have no time to enjoy their childhood.... "

Mrs Cong. Tax Consultant.  Ho Chi Minh.

In a cluttered world of extra training & education, GiBi Academy provides a safe haven for  parents, the children and teenagers, where people can share and find the best guidance and knowledge to help them to develop their full potential. We provide them with necessary tools so that they can develop themselves thereby achieve success and happiness in life.

“Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill” - Professor Tony Buzan –

Some dictionaries define "Education" as "to teach knowledge and skills." However, the original meaning of this word in Latin is "to pull out the innate ability". - Professor Shichida –

There are two different Latin roots of the English word "education." They are "educare," which means to train or to mold, and "educere," meaning to lead out. While the two meanings are quite different, they are both represented in the word "education."

The two definitions form the basis for many of the vociferous debates about education today. The opposing sides often use the same word to denote two very different concepts. One side uses education to mean the preservation and passing down of knowledge and the shaping of youths in the image of their parents. ( Educare).

The other side sees education as preparing a new generation for the changes that are to come--readying them to create solutions to problems yet unknown. ( EDUCERE). The  Latin word ‘ Educere’  means  to draw out, because we draw out the values which are inherent in a human being, rather than impose anything on children from outside.

Educare  calls for rote memorization and becoming good workers.            Educere  requires questioning, thinking, and creating.

To further complicate matters, some groups expect schooling to fulfill both functions, but allow only those activities promoting educare to be used.

Parents and teachers have a responsibility to pull out the original large potential capabilities any child was born with to the fullest extent through education. Let's focus on the long-term future, not an immediate one. The future of the world depends on the children of today.

Practically, educere refers to all educational Programmes of teaching aimed at helping humanity draw out the qualities of goodness inherent in man, and to understand the inner makeup of a human being in relation to the outer physical world, in order to keep a perfect balance.

Educare recognizes that life is interdependent and that we share the same building blocks with everything that surrounds us. This will lead to the understanding that caring exclusively for ourselves, believing we are isolated and separate is an illusion that can only lead to disaster.

The purpose of educare is to correct this imbalance.

Educere therefore refers to a whole system of education which provides practical knowledge for educating for life, and not just for earning a living.

Educare recognizes that unity in multiplicity is the ultimate goal of education, resulting in a world which is a better place to live in, for people today, and for future generations.

 We give the students the best tools so that they can develop themselves thereby achieve success and happiness in life .

Learn to how to learn is the most important thing life

- Professor Tony Buzan -

As the official representative of  Ruwan Education ( New Zealand ) in Vietnam , GIBI Academy organizes

  • midbrain activation programs for Children, Youth and Adults , 
  • ( Photographic Memory) ;
  • Super speed reading ( Quantum Speed ​​Reading) ;
  •  Study Smarter Not Harder .. and many other courses.

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About Us 'SEEMAS' is the short and popular name of Soroban Excellence Education For Maths And Science. It was established in July 2003 with its Corporate Office located at Solapur (Maharashtra) India. This is an Indian based registered company, U80903PN2010PTC135851 incorporated under the Companies Act. And an ISO 9001-2008 under registration Company, authorized to conduct Abacus Courses basing on Japanese concept of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic system of education, Amazing Speed Mathematics (Advance Vedic Maths), English Phonics and Communication and National Level Olympiad Exams.

Seemas Academy is an educational organization, which helps to improve ‘whole’ brain functions and mental ability to all age groups from 5 years old to any age.


Seemas is dedicated to explore the human talent by providing various kindsof brain development programs such as Abacus and Brain Gym is the effective tool which helps ‘whole’ brain development.

 It should reach each and every child. The high standard Abacus education (Japanese method) with formulated syllabus is maintained to cultivate and develop the whole brain capability among children.

Seemas’ Amazing Speed Math is combination of ancient Indian Vedic Mathematic and the techniques from Greek and Russian methodology which helps to solve complicated Mathematical problems.

Besides providing our popular courses, Midbrain Activation for Children, Midbrain Activation for Adults, Quantum Speed Reading for Chidlren and Advanced Reading Skills for Adults, GiBi has been a pioneer in the field of Abacus Training and Vedic Maths.


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