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Quantum Speed Reading
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Quantum Speed-Reading is a unique form of speed-reading that utilizes the right brain to visualize the contents of a book and instantly grasp its meaning. Conventional speed-reading utilizes the left brain lo quickly read and understand printed text. The right brain doesn't read text word for word but rather grasps the general content al the level of thought vibration (the quantum level) and then converts those impressions into images or words to be read. This is a basic function of the right brain with its "sympathetic resonance" ability to translate written words in to correlated images.


Parents and children alike all over Japan have reported a wealth of improvements in their lives and relationships thanks to this truly 'mind stretching' ability that sleeps within all of our brains.

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If You are looking to learn more about the QSR Method


  "A Practical Guide to Yumiko Method - "


  • # An Outline of the Whole Book - to give you a general picture of the layout
  • # An outline of  The Basic Method
  • # Details of The Basic Method
  • # An outline of The Basic Technques
  • # Details of The Basic Technques
  • # The Three Most Important Chapters in the book.
  • # A List of the 20 exercises found in the book


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