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After many years of experimentation QSR has proven to be a highly effective way of learning. However as we shall see it is not at all limited in its effects to education alone.
Let's now look at some of the results that have been witnessed by those participating in the adults' training seminars. A business seminar lasting four hours per lesson was held for three days straight. After it was completed we heard of people's various impressions. These can be divided into the following categories:


First let's take a look at the improvements in health noted. We have already seen how with children atopic skin reactions improve after QSR as well as a general improvement in physical condition and the same kind of effect was also noted by the adults.
Sleeping duration was also shortened. Some were able to sleep very soundly during a shorter time.
One person who had a cold and was coughing a lot used imagery on the train
to stop it. This individual was able to get through the seminar without coughing
Atopy was cured
Dieting efficacy was greatly improved
Physical condition improved

We have known up till now through the experiences of children doing QSR that their precognitive ability awakens but even in the case of adults the same kind of thing was reported:
Realization that there was a foreknowledge of things about to happen quite a lot
Before going out and thinking that it might be better to stay home and later being caught for speeding
Becoming able to have a presentiment that was accurate
Being so glad to receive a book from a friend as a present days after seeing an image of one of its pages during meditation
Becoming able to find a book in a bookstore more quickly
Getting phone calls from people whose faces have come into mind
Whilst not thinking about anything in particular an image would appear in the mind and, wondering what it could be about, later an incident happens connected to it.
A manifestation in reality of something that was thought up in the mind.

3) Memory improvement

One of the greatest effects of QSR that was also noted amongst adults was memory improvement and better memorization skills.
Easier to remember numbers
Having very real dreams and being able to remember them vividly after waking up
Becoming able to learn people's names
Remembering hundreds of favorite scenes and repeating daily. Three months later a great sense of joy.
Daily practice of memorizing phi to the fourth decimal place and being amazed at how much had been remembered when at one point it was written down.

4) Intuition development

Without a shadow of a doubt intuition gets better. As the intuition improves so does the sense of judgement.
Better intuition
Improvement of hunches
A speeding up of reading the emotion behind facial expression
Hitting the right score for the world cup match and guessing the sales total at a store
Not being able to find something and remembering where it had been left right after waking up
An increase in intuitive judgment while talking to people
A feeling of moving in the right direction after paying attention to flashes of insight

5) Wish fulfillment

When it comes to wish fulfillment an ability which is akin to psychokinesis appears.
Being able to land a concert ticket that is really hard to obtain
Beginning to win lotteries more frequently
When a desire to go back to previous employment arises it seems more likely that such a post is upcoming
Finding something that was being searched for, getting something that was wished for and realizing that things that have been consciously envisioned begin to occur.
Work is going better. In spite of not doing any advertising student enrollment at the prep school has begun to increase
The faster speed of thoughts manifesting in reality.

6) Improvement in timing

In work as well as in human relationships the importance of timing is a deciding factor. There have been many people who have experienced this improvement in timing.
Seeing the TV program that was most desired in good time.
An improvement in the timing whereby useful information or books would come across one's path.
Not getting caught at traffic lights whilst driving.
Becoming more on time generally.
Becoming more in synch with right timing in all manner of daily life situations.
Becoming more adept at planning things.
By being more positive about doing one's job, work just starting to roll in.
A feeling that realizations needed for your growth are happening more often.

7) Concentration

One of the results of using QSR is that concentration improves.
The ability to concentrate at work unfolds and there is more of a grasp of when one is having a flash of insight.
Book reading speed increases.
There is more of an inclination to read and the volume of books increases.
The ability to switch from one mood to another mood speeds up.

8) Imaging power

It has already been acknowledged with the children's situation that QSR means as a matter of course that there will be a great increase in imaging ability.
It becomes easier for ideas to pop into mind
Being able to hold an event in just the way imagined and with favorable weather too.
The envisioned image is as clear and sharp as a photograph.
At work designs effortlessly come to mind as well as the colors needed.
Compared to the past dreams are clearly remembered.
In the workplace good ideas flash into mind much faster than previously.
Artistic appreciation and sensibility become much broader.
At work the ability to see things as a system begins to occur.
Becoming able to envision the contents of a book using QSR in images.
By repetition of the residual image training you realize that your own imaging power is increasing.
Becoming able to see colors using imaging.
By using imaging at the start of each day before going about one's affairs and then reflecting on the day's events at the end of the day it is often the case that the images are successful.

9) Improvement in human relations and consideration for others

The heart is enriched, one becomes capable of consideration for others and because cooperation and harmony are learned many have commented that human relationships improved. This was especially true in the case of family relationships which many have reported.
As much as possible hoping for the best for that particular individual becomes the pattern.
Not as easily angered as before.
Fewer feelings of haste and more of a sense of composure.
Family bonds get that much stronger.
Becoming more kindly disposed to all people especially the family.
Beyond everything else the family atmosphere has become harmonious.
The sensation of having become able to forgive people and having become able to look at human relations from a broader perspective.
Intra family relationships improved.
The beginning of a feeling of change with people usually avoided.
An increase in being asked to help out with people.

10) Feelings of stability

A big characteristic here was of also of being aware of your own sense of stability. This involved stress being eliminated and the beginning of being able to act with a sense of calm in daily life.
Even if a surprising event catches you unaware you realize that you can go about your business unfazed.
Being able to feel relaxed even when serving guests and seeing an improvement in the way you carry things out.
In the workplace there is far less hesitation and a clear sense of judgment
Finding the ability to see a way out even when in a difficult situation.
A change in the emotions and a feeling of being more genial.
Stress reduction.
Even whilst doing image training on a train the mind is at peace.
Feelings are much more composed.
There is more emotional tolerance.
The ability to think things through slowly.

11) Life changing

It is clear then that if such previously noted changes are occurring then the whole sense of life itself will be greatly altered.
The personality gets brighter and every day becomes enjoyable.
You become more able to accept yourself even when negative.
The way of thinking becomes much more positive.
You became able to handle things normally that were previously shocking.
Ability to turn a loss into a gain in the way you think and in the company setting although a problem had arisen it turned into a positive situation.
Decisions become speedier and with no worry associated with them.
Actions are carried out faster.
Recently good things seem to be happening and wishes are fulfilled with a sense that happiness is increasing.
The sense of the joy of being alive stronger than previously.
There is less mental irritation and people say that your attitude is far less abrasive than before.
More mentally relaxed and a sharpening of the sixth sense.
Images of a much brighter future are felt along with its possibilities and a growing belief in yourself.
By clearly imaging an objective you are now able to tackle it.
A feeling that the mind is working more sharply.


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