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                             HOW TO AWAKEN THE THIRD EYE

What is the Third Eye ?

The third eye is the ability to see what might be: In other words the third eye is our ability to see potential.

Any authentic spiritual work has finding the Self as a primary aim

if you have always lived inside a dark cellar, to you this cellar is not a cellar, it is the whole universe. You can't even conceive of the wonder waiting for you if you were to step out and walk in the real world

Similarly, the third eye is fundamentally the gate that leads to the inner worlds. Therefore this eye allows you to know yourself to a depth that surpasses all conventional methods of psychotherapy or any method based on analysing with the discursive mind.

 The Third Eye is a natural part of every person, but it’s a “meta” organ. In other words: it consists of all the senses and mind working together as a larger more powerful sensory organ. The Third Eye is a very clever bit of natural evolution: a meta organ designed to sense, connect to patterns and then relay that data back in overlays of information on top of your other senses.

Due to lack of understanding more people than not mislabel, run away from the ability or take it to strange descriptions… which further muck and murk the waters of what the Third Eye truly is.

The Third Eye as a sense can be used in many different ways. It opens up our senses to patterns around us. It’s used by seers to make connections and answer questions. It’s used by energy workers to feel the energy and then manipulate that energy. It’s part of empathy where a person can touch and feel the emotions of others. Many other examples exist for how people use the Third Eye

Lets use Aura as an example.

Some people do see an “aura” or “light”. With training many people can be taught how to view aura’s in a “standard way”.

However: it’s not what most people think it is. Your eyes only “see” what they are designed to see. But the mind can overlay additional information over each sense. Auras are such an information overlay.

The brain has the ability to process visual information, and it has the ability to use all that circuitry to pump back information in the form of visual response: which doesn’t have to be from the eyes.

Your whole neural network, your mind and sense organs form a larger more sensitive “antenna” to pick up on energy and patterns. The mind then has the problem of how to send that information back to you. It has to use what it already has access to: the 5 normal senses. For example: at times in energy work, it can send back the images for you as an “aura” to then interpret. In reality what you are seeing is slightly different than that: but it’s the best method the “third eye” has to relay the information back to you. This becomes the “aura” as the translated result.




A step by step method to awaken the third eye and engage spiritual vision.

A manual packed with practical information and techniques on spiritual vision, dowsing land energies, psychic sleep, perceiving acupuncture meridians, energetic protection and grounding.

A fairly detailed and pragmatic guide towards spiritual practices found in many traditions, with the emphasis on experiencing things for yourself and not on any particular tradition

A course  that provides you a myriad of ways to activate your third eye chakra.. It’s not a physical visible anatomical feature. It is in reality an awareness. You become aware of the subtle realities of our world , your dreams become lucid, and vivid. You also begin to enhance your other abilities like Clairsentience, clairaudience, mediumship abilities, to name a few.




There are many paths to awaken the third eye-
Choose what suits you best.....

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