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                     A practical Guide to the Basic Method of
                                Quantum Speed Reading

This is an introduction to the foundation exercises to develop Quantum Speed Reading (QSR). 

 QSR  is a 12 week long program that requires focus, concentration and persistence on the part of both parents and children.

This guide introduces you to the Basic Methods and Techniques needed to learn QSR.

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Ms. Tobitani is a leading teacher at the Shichida Child Academy (SCA) with previous experience at the foreign exchange department of the Tokyo Bank. After having managed a prep school she joined the SCA in 1992. Based on her experience in the educational field she has developed the Dot Program, The Right Brain Memorization and Sensory Training Program, Quantum Speed Reading and The Right Brain Speed Calculation System among others as well as being in charge of the program for juniors. She is also involved in leading seminars for adults in right brain development. She currently heads the research and development branch of SCA and is a member of both the Human Science Association and the Subtle Energy Association of Japan.

Unlike the many well established forms of speed reading that are in existence QSR does not require the book to be opened at all.

The book is simply held up in front of the reader's face and the pages are flipped rapidly using the thumb much like when preparing to shuffle playing cards.

It is thus a truly revolutionary advancement in education. The QSR technique is not solely about reading however. It can also be utilised   in several other creative ways for problem solving and memorizing,   for health improvement and stress reduction as well as for positive thinking and what can only be described as quasi telepathic communication with plants and animals for example.

All of these extensions of the original QSR training have been fully documented and tested over the years in a great variety of situations with many individuals.

Quantum Speed Reading ( QSR) was developed by Ms Yumiko Tobitani, in Japan and has been taught to both children and adults there for the last several years. Astonishing as it may seem to most of us who learned only to read books by reading a page at a time these Japanese children can in fact  read by simply flipping the pages.

Ms. Yumiko Tobitani, who was  a teacher at Japan's renowned Shichida Child Academy, has been the leading light of this technique over the past decade. Her first book in English entitled 'Quantum Speed Reading' covers the development and practical applications of QSR in detail. Well known scientist and systems thinker Dr. Ervin Laszlo, who comments on QSR at the beginning of the book, has witnessed the children in Japan training at Ms. Tobitani's prep school.


It all began 'by accident' as most of us are fond of saying. One day, ace teacher Yumiko Tobitani was doing a lesson with children at the Shichida child academy in Tokyo. She asked the children to quickly, then slowly, flick through the pages of a book for a total of thirty times. Each child had their own chair that they took to a spot where they felt most relaxed and proceeded to flick through the pages of the book. After finishing, they came back to their desks.

However there was one child who stayed back. Ms. Tobitani could see that this child looked really involved in the book and thought, "Oh well I'll just leave him to carry on". Just after she had done this she heard the sound of the chair being dragged back across the floor and there was the child back at his desk. Then he simply said, "That was really fun." When kids show some kind of a change in their speech or behavior Yumiko generally tries to listen to them. So she asked this particular student what was going on.

The astonishing reply led to the creation of QSR. The eight year old student said, "I saw pictures coming out of the pages and I understood everything in the book". Yumiko, through her long experience as a teacher in non-linear learning, instantly realized a function of the right brain's imagery was at work with this child. The right brain is deeply connected to speed. So when a book is flipped through at high speed the words are transformed into images and come out as pictures. Naturally the other kids had no idea what was going on and just sat there amazed.

She decided to have some other children have a try at it. All of them did exactly the same, flipping through the pages. Amazingly all of them saw images coming out. The right brain has the ability to communicate information so that it is understandable to everyone. This is called resonance. Therefore when everybody has a desire to learn it or the desire to see it, this ability gets transmitted to everyone as a resonating vibration. Because of this an entirely new way of reading books was born and Yumiko Tobitani decided to call it, 'Quantum Speed Reading'. This was to be a momentous event in the field of creative education.

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Now it's time to introduce QSR for the first time outside of Japan where there are now thousands of school students and adults using it in their daily lives to great benefits both for them and for society at large. It appears that using the right brain approach to learning encourages cooperation and harmony among people.

This is surely something we can all benefit from.

Imagine being able to read any book in any language! Imagine a new form of communication within your family or friends or colleagues.

And if you can try to visualize getting information from the blank pages of a book that is specially prepared for QSR students. Parents and children alike all over Japan have reported a wealth of improvements in their lives and relationships thanks to this truly 'mind stretching' ability that sleeps within all of our brains.

The Quantum Speed Reading book has had only a limited printing and the book is now out of stock and sells at exorbitant prices on Amazon. 

To carry on the excellent work started by Ms Tobitani, we have put together material from her website and from her lectures at the QSR Training Workshop in Tokyo, 2014. 

We have also included some of our own insights and methods collected while teaching the course live.



# Forward by the late Prof. Makoto Shichida.

# Prologue by Ms Yumiko Tobitani.

# How It All Began

# The Voices of Children

# What Parents Are Discovering

# The Effects of QSR.

# The Possibilities of QSR

# The Basic Method

#  The Basic Technique - Image Training

#   The Basic Technique - Eye Training

#   The Basic Technique - Page Flipping

#   Afterword.


#   Bonus: #1. How to See 3D Pictures.

#   Bonus # 2. Three months of email support

#   Bonus # 3.  One Hour Zoom Call within the 3 months - to answer questions- give demonstrations.


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