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The  Revolutionary Meditation Process

That Gives You Direct Access to  Awakened Consciousness

It’s no secret that meditation is good for you. Study after study tells us it is one of the best things we can do for our health and well-being and that it even plays a pivotal role in higher adult development.

Drug companies are racing to develop the new super drug that could unlock our untapped brain power and higher potential, but what if a simple practice we could perform in just 30 minutes a day was all we needed to unleash our supernature?

But what if the health benefits of meditation were just the tip of the iceberg? What if there was a meditation practice that could propel you far beyond optimal health and well-being into an accelerated evolutionary process, unleashing a latent set of “supercapacities” that would elevate your performance, fulfillment and impact in every area of life?

You can now become one of over 65,000 conscious creators joining us on this life-changing journey - where you will receive 9 daily guided meditations and exercises.

 Our goal is simple:

To empower you to easily & consistently achieve a transcendent state of meditation…

Where your highest consciousness, deepest gifts and most ingenious realizations await.

By the time these 9 sessions are up, every obstacle that may have previously held you back from meditating successfully - from mind chatter to lack of focus to not knowing where to start - will disappear.

A group of the most respected health & wellness experts worldwide have come together to share a simple but proven technique that can literally release years of stress in the first 10 minutes.


Your greatest potential: what they’re not telling you


This is the only way you’ll ever ~truly~ improve yourself


This 9-day meditation challenge is POWERFUL (try it)

A few years back, Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert made a stunning discovery about happiness, fulfillment and the human condition.By following two groups - one new amputees, the other big lottery winners - he found that within just two years, both returned to the exact same level of happiness they had before their life-changing event

In other words -   Even millions of dollars can’t make you happier than you already are.   And in the long run, even losing a limb can’t make you much sadder either!   Why? Because the truth is, lasting joy, success and fulfillment don’t come from what’s around you...

"Most of the problems of mankind are due to man's inability to be still alone in a room." Baise Pascal.

" We are not physical beings having spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience for a short while"  Tehihard de Chadin.


P.S. This experience is Amish and Puja’s gift to our community. It takes just a few minutes a day to do - and the impact it will leave on your inner and outer reality will astonish you: