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Also referred to as Eyeless Sight, paroptic vision, extra retinal vision, extra-ocular vision, info-vision, or in some parts of the world 'mid brain activation', it is the ability of seeing without engaging the use of the physical eyes .

The acronym EOV stands for Extra Ocular Vision. It is the name given to a training program centered on teaching people to see without using their physical eyes - although it is so much more ..

EOV teaches people how to use their own life force energy, their mind and their Spirit in ways that they would never learn in school.

Most people only use only a relatively small percentage of the mind when engaged in conscious thinking. EOV opens the potential for people to use a much larger percentage as they expand the mind by utilizing images that work with the Sub-conscious Mind. The image work component of EOV sessions develops intuition, which is a function of the Pre-conscious Mind - this acts to strengthen the Conscious Mind.


A. PROGRAM RECOMMENDED BY Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at the Weatherhead School of Management - Case Western Reserve University USA


Are your five senses the only way to perceive the world?

What if you could perceive the world with an entirely new method?

We can  help you discover and uncover your potential, by educating the mind to embrace the unknown and the yet inexplicable.

EoV opens the way for you to reach into the purest knowledge with your mind’s eye.

EoV is not a supernatural ability.

Rather, it is a method that teaches you to develop & control a skill which you have not discovered yet.“ 

At birth, we use our senses to perceive our environment and the universe.

But  it is possible to obtain knowledge from our environment without using our limited range of senses?

Seeing without eyes is the result of Direct Informative Perception - a fascinating method that is becoming more and more popular in Asian and German-speaking countries. With this ability for children and adults, it is possible to replace the activity of the eyes in a completely natural way - an additional possibility that exists in every human body. 

In his book "Quantum Philosophy and Interworld" Dr. Ulrich Warnke, the former head of the University of Saarbrücken describes what was already known in France in 1919 by Louis Henri Fraigoule who was imparting this method.

Louis Fraigoule received an award in Edinburgh England in 1927, as he taught blind people "seing without eyes". The training path of Mr. Fraigoule was more tedious and lasted much longer than 5 days.

Frequently asked questions

 Question1: Why Learn to See Without Eyes?

 Just as you, as a child, learned to walk, speak, and perceive our world in your early childhood (as babies), so did you acquire the ability to see. Scientists researched that it takes at least 9 months for your eyes, if your eyes are healthy, to look nearly as you do today as an adult. When you look with your eyes, information is being perceived and sent to your brain. Our brain receives this information and translates it. This is how the picture in our head that we call seeing arises.

 Question 2: Why Learn to Read Blindfolded when I have two good eyes?

This is the most frequent question that pops into our mind.

Learning to see blindfolded in itself would be just a magic trick if we focus on that alone.

Sadly, that is partly the reason for the unfavorable public reaction to the many workshops and businesses that sprang up all over India.

How is this possible?

From the age of 7 months, when we learned to use our physical eyes to sense th world around us, we have been conditioned to think that it is only way to perceive the world.

We grow up dependent on our two eyes and come to believe (perhaps unconsciouly) that it is the sole means of perceiving visual information 

Consider some of the popular sayings related to Physical Eyes:

"seeing is believing .." "I saw it with my own eyes." 

  So, it took a long time for humans to accept the Germ Theory of Louis Pasteur because germs are not seen with the naked eye.

 On the other hand, there is also a long history of mankind's search for an alternative vision in many cultures.

 One popular workshop on Seeing Without Eyes, spends one full day in overcoming the Disbelief.


1. Is it done as a one-on-one session or is it delivered to a group of people?  

 ANSWER. Our EoV  Program is now offered as a Hybrid Course.  There are Ten one-on-one Sessions plus Ten Group Sessions

2. How are the 10 One-On-One sessions arranged?

   They are spaced one week apart and you have to practice at least once more during the week .

3.. On what dates or times are the Ten One-on-One sessions held?

Each client decides on a time and a date from the spaces available.

4.  I understand there are a few of these types of programs around the world. How long does it take for an adult to be competent at this .

We will agree on the meaning of "competent" when we start the training.  The results for adults are NOT necessarily  the same as for children.

5 . Perhaps your course material differs from those but are the module exercises easy to practice by yourself in order to keep improving beyond the course?

You are right - the belief in our training community is that there are many paths to awaken this dormant ability. We have learned three different methods and seek to combine the best from each.

Some programs require you to do advance breathing exercises, vigorous physical exercises etc. 

 We do a few easy warm up physical exercises, energy exercises and mostly visualization exercises.

 We do provide recordings of each session, if you are on the full payment plan, so you can practice at your own pace.

6.. If I decide to book this course, how soon will it start?

   You can start as soon as you have made the payment of US $495. CLICK HERE

7. Do you offer a trial session?

A.  Yes, you can subscribe for the 10 week course and cancel any time. Choose the SUBSCRIBE OPTION below. 

8. I need more information to decide.

 More Info 

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In designing  the adult method we have selected the best exercises from the several  methods we have studied to develop the forgotten abilities of the mind such as intuition to its full potential. We also use Healing techniques to help unlock limiting beliefs, and we work with specially selected music tracks  to enhance  the entire process. 

With the adult method you will not only have the opportunity to practice exercises that help to develop your ability to see with your eyes covered, but you will work on many other aspects that will mean an essential change in your day to day life.


Sessions with adults work differently than with children. The structure of the sessions varies according to the needs of each adult, but they usually consist of five different parts; a first part of Alpha state, a second part of belief work, a third part of eyeless vision exercises and training, a fourth part of right brain reeducation and a fifth part of feedback. 


With the help of mental and physical exercises we will look for a state of relaxation and concentration that will help you enter Alpha or Theta state depending on the session. This will make it easier to access intuition, responsible for vision without the eyes. In addition, within these two states you will be able to work more deeply with your beliefs.