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Children today  need a  whole new way of  learning.

Now You can Supercharge  your child’s future with a  brand new kind of education — one that combines a loving heart
with gentle, yet powerful
 mind-accelerating techniques.

Question .1 : Your site is Midbrain Activation but I have also read  about Right Brain Education.  What is the difference ?

Answer:   Let’s start from the very beginning – As Julie Andews would want to say – There were many who talked and wrote about Right Brain Education.  It was the later Dr Makoto Shichida who did over 40 years research on the topic and wrote more than 200 books on the subject.  He studies over 10,000 children.  Some of his books were available in Chinese and only 4 in English.  ( I was fortunate to get them all before they started going out of print )

The Malaysian educators who first designed the Midbrain Activation workshop format, chose the term – Midbrain Activation although their research was completely based on the work of Dr Shichida.

Dr Shichida himself does not use the term: midbrain activation.  He prefers the term: inter-brain and Third Brain and that  also only in one chapter of one of his books.  (Science of Intelligence and Creativity – Chapter 4).

Question 2.  Isn’t this what the school system is supposed to do ?

Answer: Since the pioneering  research of Dr Roger Sperry,  we’ve known that the left brain is responsible for logical, methodical thought; the right brain is responsible for highly creative, intuitive, almost sponge-like photographic learning. Both sides are designed to work together.

 The problem is that the right brain is largely ignored in traditional school environments. Schools teach through drills, repetition, tests and quizzes — all left brain. The right brain world of imagination, imagery, and applied intuition gets little nurturing or challenge.

Until now.

Ironically, it is precisely because of the school system that we need a Right Brain Education program as  Heguru has demonstrated graphically

From Age to 0 -3 children are mostly right brain dominant. This ability begins to diminish from age 3 upwards.  The left brain which has been dormant since birth now begins to climb up.  Between the ages of 3 & 6 when children begin formal schooling, the left brain receives a boost while the right brain becomes less and less dominant.

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