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                                        AN OPPORTUNITY TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

The 'Awakening The Illuminated Heart' workshop offers you an opportunity to transform your life in ways yet only dreamed of..... we will take a journey into the heart of ancient knowledge & wisdom', where you will begin to 'remember who you truly are' ... you are so much more than you think you are at this moment.

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     Please join us on an incredible journey of 'awakening & remembering' ...


This workshop is the 'crown jewel' of Drunvalo Melchizedek's entire life's work into the study & exploration of the human consciousness revolution that is now occurring. 

Through the assistance of the Ascended Masters, Drunvalo has taken complicated ancient knowledge and simplified it into an easy to understand teaching.

What you will learn during this 4 day experiential workshop,

* you will learn how to connect with your higher self ... from this place; your inner spiritual guidance is more easily accessible to you.

* Using your innate psychic abilities, you will learn to connect more fully with the vastness of your human potential.

* You will learn the pineal gland / chakra activation and opening of the 3rd eye.

* You will take a journey into the Sacred space of the Heart, where you can access your own personal Akashic records.

* You will be given a clear understanding of how to create from the Tiny space of the Heart.

* You will activate your natural living Mer-Ka-Ba (human light body) ... in this teaching the Mer-Ka-Ba activates automatically and effortlessly, and becomes permanent immediately, through tantra of the heart by creating a heart / brain coherence.

* Upon activating your living Mer-Ka-Ba, you become aligned with Mother Earth's living Mer-Ka-Ba, which prepares you for 'conscious' ascension into higher dimensional levels.

* Mother Earth is preparing for Her ascension ... and we can ascend with Her ... if we are ready !

* This is the simplest and most direct teaching on the subject of ascension that Drunvalo has ever presented.

Upon completion of this workshop, you will  have ancient  and sacred tools that are now being given to humanity as we prepare to  ascend into Unity Consciousness                             


  • Understanding of how Creation Process Works.
  •   The Difference between Love and Fear Meditations
  •   The Blue School of Claudette Melchizedek
  •   Healing Circle  and the Pyramid Healing Meditation
  •   Unity Breath Meditation
  • Heart Meditation and The Tiny Space of the Heart
  •   Access to Akashic Records and see your past lives
  •    The Blessing Dance Meditation
  • Creating from the Brain and Creating from the Heart
  •   Beams of Light Activation
  •  Opening the Third Eye and The Human Halo
  •    Mer-Ka-Ba the Human Light Body
  •    Programming the Mer-Ka-Ba and Creating an external Mer-Ka-Ba
  •   Activation of the New Mer-Ka-BaCreation Process (from the Tiny Space of the Heart)

During the workshop we will;

Discuss the history of humanity on earth over the past 13,000 years, before the time  of Atlantis.

 Invoke and apply the energy of your highest divine sel

Heal emotional pain and trauma that can affect your ability to move into your heart.

 Experience the Sacred Space of the Heart, the brain relationships and the Beams of Light.  

The opening of the 3rd Eye and pineal while connected to the heart.

Learn to take your consciousness from the polarity of the brain into the unity of the heart.

Activate the natural heart based Mer-Ka-Ba. 

Learn to live from the tiny space of the heart. 

Gain a clear understanding of how to heal and create from the Tiny Space of the Heart, the place of Oneness,  rather than from the duality of the mind.and more techniques to remember who you are and to live with true joy.

 You will learn to connect your heart to your mind and open your 3rd eye, allowing your heart to see through your mind's eye in order to begin the Creation process from your heart, which unlike the mind is a place of non polarity, a place of oneness.

I am deeply honored to walk this sacred path with you as we 'remember who we truly are' and why we are here on Earth during this most auspicious time as we transition into higher consciousness.

NAMASTE' ... I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells ... I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace ... when you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me ... WE ARE ONE !!

Love from my sacred heart to yours,

“A bright and holy Light does shine within our Hearts and offers living hope to all the world and to you personally. Ascension into the higher spiritual worlds is not a process that only the saints and holy ones could achieve. It is for all of us who choose this path of the Heart here on Earth right now. Ascension can be realized without leaving this world, and while being awake to all that is in our Reality. The outer world is but a reflection and creation of an inner world that has long been forgotten within our own Hearts.”

The new AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART® intensive course consists of 4 distinct parts:

Part 1: Discuss the history of humanity on earth over the past 13,000 years, before the time of Atlantis.

•   Part 2: Healing emotional pain and trauma that can affect your ability to move into your heart.

•   Part 3: Learn how to move into the heart and utilize technology that will enable you to work through the third eye to connect the heart to the brain.

•   Part 4: With your awareness, fully focused within the tiny space of the heart, naturally activate your fully functional, stable Mer-ka-ba to create your outer reality, and program your personal Mer-ka-ba for your highest good and that the highest good of all.

Part 1 : The four day intensive course will begin with a discussion on the history of humanity and consciousness earth over the past thirteen thousand years, beginning with the Ahnanuki and the fall of Atlantis. The principles  (and concepts of Sacred Geometry are introduced to assist you to gain an understanding of the underlying basis of all life and the relationship between your thoughts, emotions and the electro-magnetic field that is generated from within the heart.  As you are guided through the Unity Breath Meditation, you naturally reconnect with your trinity with Mother Earth and Father Sky. These principles guide you into bringing your mental body into alignment with your heart, and through their integration, unconditional love for all of life is realized

Part 2 : The second day is devoted to exploration and healing of our old limited beliefs and emotional traumas that exist within our lives and keep us from experiencing joy and living our passion.  This multi-experiential part of the workshop will help you to get in touch with your Higher Self, move into alignment with your purpose, and function with balance and ease both within and without. Even if you do not consider yourself to be sensitive, you will come away with a deeper sense of your energy and how to make use of it, while opening a connection to your inner being and heart.

Part 3:  Beginning with the Unity Breath, you will learn how to move into the sacred and tiny space of the heart where you can connect to the unity of all life. You will learn and practice techniques to enable you to strengthen the connection between the heart and the brain, thereby establishing the beams of light and the halo commonly viewed around the heads of Christ and other enlightened Masters. From there, we will assist you to “turn on the switch” that will enable you to automatically activate your own personal living Mer-Ka-Ba.

Part 4 : In this final part of the course, we will move through the space created by the understanding of the Mer-Ka-Ba and into the relationship created by the greater understanding of its spiritual connection to the Sacred Space of the Heart. We have arrived at a time in our world when the correct understanding of the creation process is essential to the continuation of life on this planet. We will teach you how to initiate the creation process that will enable you to transform your deep inner desires and passions into outer reality that reflects your highest good and that of all humanity. Finally, you will be given principles to understand how to establish and program a surrogate Mer-ka-ba, in addition to programming your own personal Mer-Ka-Ba.

Drunvalo Melchizedek has created a new school called the School of Remembering®.  His entire life’s work will be completed in this school.  Teachers have been trained in this new school that goes beyond the Mer-Ka-Ba to the complete understanding of the human consciousness revolution that is now occurring.  It is a living-ness process.

The Mer-Ka-Ba including all forms of in existence, needs to be connected within the body (on Earth) for human potential to reach the levels that are necessary for ascension to higher levels of consciousness.  By itself, the Mer-Ka-Ba is incomplete.  It is the heart that contains the original instructions of Life, and when the heart is again in control of a person’s life, Life responds with joy and power.  When the Mer-Ka-Ba is directly connected to the Sacred Space of the Heart, that person’s life becomes interconnected to all life everywhere and moves into higher consciousness naturally.These new teachers are called Awakening The Illuminated Heart Teachers, and in some respects they are also trainers. The new name for the training is Awakening The Illuminated Heart.

Many people are familiar with Drunvalo Melcizedek’s book and video series “The Ancient Secret Of The Flower of Life” which introduced many of us to sacred geometry, the Mer-Ka-Ba and the human energy  field.  Also the bestselling book “Living In The Heart” which was the basis for his Earth Sky and the early  Living in the Heart workshops.
This entirely new workshop, first introduced by Drunvalo in July 2011, “Awakening the Illuminated
 Heart®” is the result of Drunvalo’s entire life’s understanding of the nature of human consciousness.   His entire life’s work is represented here in this workshop. The teachings are ancient knowledge now  translated into modern expressions and understandings.  

This is the simplest, easiest, most direct teaching on the subject of Ascension that Drunvalo has ever presented. I feel it is a true masterpiece; some of the  most profound and important work on the planet for these very times that we are now living in. Having  studied and trained in depth with Drunvalo, I now have the great honor of being a certified teacher  of this wonderful work.  With great respect for Drunvalo’s teachings, and with his permission and  encouragement, I am deeply honored to be offering the  Awakening the illuminated heart workshop. 

With this new information, the Mer-Ka-Ba is expanded beyond what the Flower of Life Facilitators were teaching to include the experience of the human heart and the opening of the 3rd Eye and, even more important, the opening of the Single Eye of the Heart, the key to direct experience and creation. The Mer-Ka-Ba activates  automatically,  effortlessly and becomes permanent immediately, aligned with Mother Earth and her coming changes. 

When this workshop is completed, you will have the inner tools to truly begin the ascension process.

The ATIH workshop tuition fee is  $333.00 U.S. dollars for 4 full days of intensive training from 9:30am to 5:30.  We request a deposit of $111 USD to hold a space for you in this workshop.

If you have questions regarding payment methods, please contact Raymond at

Here are Drunvalo’s words in describing this work: