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Movement is essential to learning. Movement integrates and anchors new information into our neural networks. Every time we move in an organized  manner, full brain activation and integration occurs, and the door to learning opens.

Movement based learning programs such as are an integral part of our Midbrain Activation Programs  . These activities involve simple developmental movements and use equipment such as beanbags, racquetballs and a balance board. The exercises can be adapted for everyone and are a lot of fun!

I continue to be amazed by the benefits of integrating these activities and exercises into our programs.   Through  movement based learning we are able to address developmental areas of focus such as :

  •  the vestibular system,
  • sensory processing,
  • motor patterns
  • and retained primitive reflexes. 

This allows us to support the learners’  overall development, providing  them with tools to support them in their everyday life and  empowering them to reach their full potential.

These exercises  may support and help strengthen:

  • concentration, focus and organizational skills
  • memory
  • academic skills and cognitive integration
  • physical coordination and mobility
  • grapho-motor skills
  • self regulation
  • auditory processing
  • visual tracking
  • eye hand coordination
  • stress and anxiety reduction
  • confidence and self esteem

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