Secrets of Right Brain Activation for children, students and parents - We help to bring out the Genius in your child

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To Unlock Boundless Potential in Children

To Empower them to bring forth a Genius Generation

To Help themInfluence the Path of Human Evolution.



In this 10 week program, we will teach you the beginning methods and spiritual techniques to enable children and You to awaken a part of the brain that has been dormant to see and read with your third eye, your Non Ocular Vision.

Whether you want to work with your own child, other people's children or apply the techniques to yourself, you will learn how to assist children and You to utilize your Non Ocular Vision, letting it develop into your Infinite Light Vision!

Imagine being able to teach children, or even yourself, how to see and read with your third eye, a part of the brain that has been dormant until now.

This exciting modality will allow you to access new realms of consciousness, thought, and energy, enabling you and the children you work with to experience profound healing, transformation, and shifts.

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