Secrets of Right Brain Activation for children, students and parents - We help to bring out the Genius in your child

Drawing out the genius in your child

The  Program THAT  teaches children that they are truly infinite with unlimited possibilities. .

What this Program does FOR children:

  • Improves their academic performance
  • Increases their learning ability
  • Improves memory, concentration and focus
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Helps them balance their emotions and energy field
  • Helps them become more responsible and conscious of their environment
  • Develops self-respect, respect for others, and other universal human values
  • Can initiate sudden blossoming

What this Program does IN children:

  • Expands their consciousness
  • Strengthens their willpower
  • Helps them to let go of painful and limiting beliefs
  • Awakens their intuition
  • Activates their extraordinary vision (seeing and reading without the use of their physical eyes)
  • Helps awaken other skills
  • Provides access to the next level in the evolution process of human beings

Also referred to as Eyeless Sight, paroptic vision, extraretinal vision, extra-ocular vision, info-vision, or in some parts of the world ‘mid brain activation’,  it is the ability of seeing without engaging the use of the physical eyes.

Seeing without eyes is possible when the Third Eye is activated during our program

The acronym EOV stands for   Extra Ocular Vision. It is the name given to a  training program centered on teaching children to see without using their physical eyes -  although it is so much more..

EOV teaches children how to use their own life force energy, their mind and their Spirit in ways that they would never learn in school.

Most children and adults only use only a relatively  a small percentage of the mind when engaged in conscious thinking.  EOV  opens the potential for people to use a much larger percentage  as they expand the mind by utilizing images that work with the Sub-conscious Mind.  The image work component of  EOV sessions develops intuition, which is a function of the Pre-conscious Mind – this acts to strengthen the Conscious Mind.

TO BECOME A Connected Child ......


I have seen all kinds of behavioral problems naturally correct themselves. I have seen physical conditions completely heal, and generally have observed that people who take the NOV Sessions become more positive, self-confident, and respectful of themselves and others.  I notice massive improvements in temperament too.  Both children and adults become happier, and more relaxed – free from sadness, grief, and anger. Children who are shy become more outgoing self-expressive.  Children who dislike attending school begin to love going to class and participating.  Children who are bullied come to know their self-worth and the bullying stops, and so on …

There is no need to know exactly what the origin of any imbalance is. Working with the images, will correct the situation.  Parents and children can simply be grateful for the positive outcome.  The image work also offers insights into the parent-child relationship and recommendations for improving the relationship if parents so desire.

It is Brain / Mind Development for children.

The mind is not the brain but is connected to the brain, nervous system and beliefs.  If you open up the brain you will not see memories or beliefs because they are in a different state, but we use these memories and beliefs every day when we think and when we dream.  

 The mind with all of its beliefs, images and memories is connected to the brain and the nervous system.  If you were to open the brain and look inside, you would not see the memories and beliefs of the mind but they are there nonetheless, held in a different state.  They come into play constantly on a daily basis when we think and dream and are constantly shaping our perceptions.

There are 6 areas of the Mind:

  • Pre-conscious Mind
  • Sub-conscious Mind
  • Conscious Mind
  • Continuous Conscious Mind
  • Super Conscious Mind
  • Subliminal Mind

EOV is a unique way of working with children to help them expand the capacity of their mind, awareness and learning capacity.  In Malaysia,  where it originated, it is often referred to as brain development because it provides such immense benefit to children who are learning disabled, academically challenged, or perform poorly in school because of behavioral issues.


This program is designed for children between the ages of 6 & 12, who know colours, shapes and can read regular books.  Older children and adults can be taught, although it may take longer. The learning processes consists of 10 weekly sessions, and results are normally seen in the first few. Children will have homework in between each session, which must be supported by their parents. It’s for 10-15 minutes per day, unless the child wishes to do more. The homework becomes a natural part of the child’s everyday life and is integral to their progress and benefiting from these abilities permanently.

Each EOV session works with a different image of the Sub-conscious Mind that represents a pillar of the human psyche. When we are born, our Sub-conscious Mind is empty and clear.  As we grow, the experiences of life, imprint as images and beliefs in the Sub-conscious Mind. 

Each EOV session works with a different image of the Sub-conscious Mind that represents a pillar of the human psyche. When we are born, our Sub-conscious Mind is empty and clear.  As we grow, the experiences of life, imprint as images and beliefs in the Sub-conscious Mind.  are limiting or even detrimental. EOV helps children and adults create healthy, balanced images and beliefs at the level of the Subconscious Mind, which frees their creative potential to change their lives.

 The (EOV) process involves teaching children how to see without using their physical eyes.

The children are blindfolded for most of the sessions as they start to read, write, draw, solve puzzles, do their homework, perform daily tasks, play video games, walk around the room, play ball and engage in other activities. They are seeing but not using their eyes. It is an incredible thing to behold. One almost needs to see it to believe it.

The development of this extraordinary ability greatly increases a child’s capability to concentrate, retain information, to listen, to focus, and to remain emotionally calm and stable. It also expands their consciousness and they become more responsible, as their self confidence grows.

It is wonderful for children who are faced with social challenges, broken homes, poor grades, children who are sensitive and gifted, children who are bullied, and children who generally lack self-esteem to see how they suddenly blossom, but it is also great for any children, teenager or adult who wish to succeed or improve in any particular activity.

All children can do it. It is 100% guaranteed

The children also work with images from their subconscious mind, learn how to work with their energy fields, and balance their emotions as part of the training. In  Mexico, South America  EOV is described mostly as a vehicle for brain development, because it is believed both hemispheres balance, but it is so much more!

EOV teaches children how to use the power of their own life force energy, their mind and their Spirit in ways they would never learn in school. It’s the kind of training that many of us wish had been available to us at an early age. How different would our lives have been if we had learned that we are more than our bodies, and that our power extends far beyond the physical vessel in which we walk the Earth? Instead, most of us have had to really work for it and we are still working, but we also know that all is in Divine order. The great news is that NOV has now become part of this Divine order. Our children now may have access to these new/ancient empowering teachings.

An  EOV Session: What We Never Learned in School

EOV sessions are experiential.  No tutoring is given.  All sessions allow children and adults to experience their life force energy in a way that is tangible to them.

Children learn to activate their energy (life-force, prana, chi, mana) and utilize it to cleanse their energetic fields of heavy energies and emotions.  They also learn how to strengthen their mind and energetic field to help them maintain emotional balance. These activities are part of every session.

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There are Ten Sessions and each session has Four Modules:



Module B” Energetic Release  and Development of Perception

Module C: Pscyhodynamics

Module 4. Visualization.

EOV sessions are experiential.    All sessions allow children and adults to experience their life force energy in a way that is tangible to them.

Please Note: The EOV program is more suitable for children under 12. However, adults are also welcome to go through the ten sessions.

Your investment is US $  per session, payable over Ten weeks.

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