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                     THE VOICE OF CHILDREN

Quantum Speed Reading is a type of book reading which you flip over the pages very fast.
Yet this is a little different then usual reading.
This fashion is easy, but it tickles the emotion that only a human can have, and this fashion is easy even when you don't know how to read the word or kanji* in the book.
I can't understand a book or read Kanji just by simply reading it, I think this is what I call a "Life's Code". My way to feel this is by various things like seeing colors, seeing pictures or smelling things. Perhaps just by putting a title to a blank none-writen book, then the content from the title will stand out from the book.
You're able to make titles like" Your 20 year-old self" for instance.
I want to continue this Quantum Speed Reading

Quantum Speed Reading can let the user to see pictures or hear sounds from picture-less books.
Quantum Speed Reading is a marvelous world.
It will able the user to see the hero of the book.
If you are able to hear sounds and see movies I think it will able to let you see the scene. You will also find out what feeling the author had why he or she wrote the book. I think you could use Quantum Speed Reading to read long books

This Quantum Speed Reading has a lot of affects that will change by how you use it.
There are affects like,
1. You could see the future,
2. You could see the past,
3. You could make you wounds heal,
4. You could see if things will go better for your self,
There may able to do new thing depending how you use it.
This is Quantum Speed Reading.

If you use Quantum Speed Reading you will feel like your in a forest and it will feel good.
I used Quantum Speed Reading to read a train schedule book and I saw an image of"a train that was stopping at a train station". I read an English book using Quantum Speed Reading and I saw an image of"an athletic meeting which was having a racing".

By doing Quantum Speed Reading I was changed three things.
1. I like my Japanese class more than before.
2. I became good at Science, Social class, and Arithmetic.
3. I was able to make more friends.
I will keep using Quantum Speed Reading.

Kanji is called Chinese Character. In Japan there are three types of typography. Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji which have a structure of a language origin. Kanji is the most complicated of the three typography

I Quantum Speed Readed a book, I saw a few boys who was in a boat in the night and was washed into a deserted island and found a cave. In the cave there were black people and white people.
They were buring bones that were scattered around.
A girl came into the cave.
Then a man banged the door and said"Help me."
Yet the girl said"No."
Then they took their guns, and fought, but they lost, yet they didn't despair, and they were able to defeat their enemys.
In the end they were able to go home in a ship.
This is what I found out about this book.