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Develop Your Sixth Sense Activate Your Psychic Potential

Belleruth Naparstek focuses on the heart and heart chakra in this fresh take on how to develop one's intuition. Like the idea of tuning into the frequency of L-O-V-E and connection.

You know the feeling -- deja vu, already knowing what someone will say before they speak, a gut instinct that overrides logic, hearing from a distant friend you'd only just thought of that day. It happens to everyone, but few of us acknowledge these occurrences as manifestations of our own psychic ability. Now, bestselling author Belleruth Naparstek reclaims the world of psychic phenomena from its sideshow trappings, examining scientific data and showing each of us how to tap our own latent powers of awareness and perception. Naparstek, one of the country's leading teachers and speakers on developing the powers of the mind and heart, has trained thousands of individuals in using guided imagery techniques for psychic development and improved health and healing. Her powerful techniques have reached a wide audience--from "the intuitively gifted to those whose third eye seemed virtually cemented shut."

With Your Sixth Sense, Naparstek shares her proven methods in a guide that is both practical and wonderfully informative. Based on her own experience, her work with clients, and interviews with more than forty highly skilled "intuitives," or psychics, Your Sixth Sense provides both a thorough exploration of the nature of psychic ability--how and why it works--and a step-by-step guide filled with specific suggestions and exercises carefully designed to help you foster, track, and illuminate your own rich output of psychic experience.

In an engaging, conversational style, Naparstek tackles the subject so often shunted to the realm of cut-rate fortune tellers, psychic hotlines, and television exposes on the paranormal, offering a thoroughly accessible scientific explanation of the physics of ESP, a detailed description of what happens in the mind just before and during an intuitive "pop," and much more. Your Sixth Sense is the only guide you'll need for recognizing, utilizing, and expanding the dormant powers of your own mind.

This is a book about how to recognize, cultivate, and direct the natural gift that we all are born with: our sixth sense. When all is said and done, our ability to know things in a way that leaps over "normal" cognition and perception and just shows up as a sudden intuition or a pop of psychic awareness is an altogether logical, natural, and predictable human skill. This book shows you how the sixth sense is simply standard-issue equipment, along with our eyes, ears, tongues, noses and skin. It is only as magical and as ordinary as they are--which is plenty magical enough--but no more and no less.
--from the Preface " I loved this book. Reading it was an experience of remembering my own intuition and learning to trust it even more. Belleruth's insights are practical, grounded, validating, and helpful. This is a well-researched, thoughtful how-to-book, filled with stories and exercises, and accessible at any number of levels. There is truly something here for everyone."
--Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"Belleruth Naparstek's penetrating study of intuitives has transformed this brilliant classic, which unites the logic of the mind with the wisdom of the heart. Her wit, intellect, and compassion not only illuminate the science of the sixth sense but also provide a sound, practical framework for the development ;of psychic potential. Grounded in the cultivation of empathy, the exercises in this book will open your heart and expand your sense of intimate connectedness with this remarkable universe."
--Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and A Woman's Book of Life

"I do not know of any other book that combines the wisdom of a psychotherapist, the knowledge of a scholar, the skill of a master hypnotist, the sensitivity of a psychic intuitive, and the memories of a remarkable collection of gifted practitioners. This book is a treasure!"
--Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., president of Intuition Network and author of Roots of Consciousness

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